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Valentine's Day 2014

Valentine's was a fun two day event in our house.  Michael surprised me by sending flowers to work, which I loved.  When I arrived at work my boss asked if I had talked to Amy (a close friend and co-worker) about my flowers, when I told her no and asked what happened, my boss said she would let Amy tell me the story.  Moments later Amy arrived in my room and told me to open my flowers, which I did.  I read the card to her, "I love and cherish you" and then she dragged me into her room.  Excitedly she pointed to her own roses and told me to read the card, "To Second Wife" (Michael's nickname for her because he helps her fix things like a husband would do).  We both were dying laughing.  Michael made my Valentine's by thinking about others on this day, which reminded me why I married him, he has such a big heart!

Gabby's pink chocolate chip waffles for breakfast before school

The next day was Gabby's Valentine's Day (real Valentine's) she was so excited about her Valentine's party at school.  The night before she worked hard signing all of her Valentine's cards for her friends (cat and puppy cards with temporary tattoos).  She had a lot of fun at her little party where the teacher gave them each a heart shaped box of candy and allowed them to eat a cookie and play extra on the playground.

My flowers didn't last that long because Lila was in love with them and always had her face in the and swatted them.
When Daddy got home we gave Gabby her gifts: kitty heart full of chocolates, Hello Kitty toy with heart glasses, and Chutes and Ladders.  We enjoyed the game and then it was bed time.  Holidays are so much more fun with such a sweet excited little girl.

Within a week of receiving my amazing Valentine's flowers half had been confinscated and placed in a vase in Gabby's room and Lila had claimed the other half causing them to look like this.  I think they enjoyed the flowers more than I was allowed to.

But that was not the end of our Valentine's celebration.  Gabby got a few cards in the mail on various days and she was so excited to open each one.  She carries the one Aunt Ellen gave her around the house constantly because it plays music and has a cat dancing to the music.  She tries to imitate the cat.  Literally every time someone new comes to the house she is sure to show them her card and giggle as she reenacts the cat's dance.  She is still enjoying her Valentine's cards and toys.


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Rock Star Party

Gabby's party was everything she imagined it.  The 22 girls enjoyed getting their hair and make up done.  Then they all put on their head set microphone and then headed onto stage and enjoyed performing their favorite songs.  The girls seemed to really like the party that Gabby planned.  After cake and gifts the girls went back to the stage for an encore (or 5).  A few of the moms at the party even attempted to escape from one of our escape rooms.  Gabby seemed to love having the run of Escape Artist and showing off the rooms to all of her friends.  It is amazing how many people love and care for Gabby.  We are so grateful for all of the friends and fun that was had at her party!  

Happy Father's Day!

Father's Day was a relaxing day.  Michael has been working extremely hard building things at the escape room.  We decided to spend the day with his best friend.  It was a fun and relaxing day enjoying the kids and cooking burgers.  I think these pictures depict our day:

I think Gabby knows that she is so blessed to have such a loving, caring, involved fun Daddy.  I know that I am lucky to have such an amazing partner sharing this crazy life of parenting and making memories.  We love you Michael and we both feel so blessed for the ways you choose to so your love.  You make our lives amazing.  Love you.

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Yesterday at the dress rehearsal Gabby heard people laughing (because her dance is so stinking adorable) and Gabby was very upset that people were laughing at her.  I calmed her down after ensuring her everyone loved their dance and were just being interactive because they were enjoying singing along \the song and clapping when while singing.  They ran through their dance twice on stage and did amazing the second time, but I think the fact that they ran through their dance twice made Gabby feel like they weren't doing i…