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Reflections of 2017

Reflecting on this year has made me realize what an intense year it has been.  At the end of each hear I am always hearing people complain about their year.  I reflect and see that our year was on for the books for sure, but I see it as a year of growth and amazing events.  This year has been full of difficult times as well as many blessings.

Throughout this year there have been wonderful events and numerous trying events in our lives. Here are a few of the highlights of the year:

Halloween With Harry Potter & Hermione

This year was an exciting year.  We were lucky enough for Corbin to come down and celebrate Halloween with us! We even checked Gabby out of school an hour and a half early to make the most of such a fun and exciting day.  Gabby had chosen to be Hermione from Harry Potter and Corbin was obsessed with both Willy Wonka and Harry Potter so his Mommy bought him both costumes because he kept insisting he was going to be Willy Wonka, but Nanny knew that he would change his mind when he saw Gabby's costume...and she was right! Corbin did decide to be Harry Potter which went perfectly with Gabby's costume, what luck!

On the morning of Halloween we all (Grandma, Nanny, Corbin, Mommy, Daddy, Papa & Gabby) awoke early to take Gabby to school and watch her school's costume parade.  This was the most magical event for Corbin, all of the kids everywhere and all in different costumes, it was magical! Gabby always loves the parade and this year was extra special because her teacher fr…

JJ Watt

Anyone who knows Gabby knows she is a crazy cat baby and that is no exaggeration.  She believes she can speak cat, chooses clothing with cats on them, calls her cat, Lila, her sister, wants to be a cat babysitter when she grows up, and literally has at least 100 toys that are cats.  This girl is obsessed and has been since she was two.  Any time we ask her what she wants as a gift her answer is always a cat.

Well her dream came true one day recently.  I kept dropping not so subtle hints that cats were only $5 at the SPCA.  One day Michael said lets go look at kittens. I literally thought he was just thinking Gabby would be in kitty heaven and we were going to look, but when we arrived Michael kept saying things as though we had decided to get a kitten. So after a very long wait we went and looked at hundreds of cats and kittens, but little JJ Watt stole her heart the moment she saw him and that was it we had found our newest family member.

The name JJ Watt was purely Gabby's de…