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Vacation Bible School

This head was the first time Gabby was old enough to attend VBS. It was difficult leaving her in the sea of children waiting excitedly in pews. She LOVED her week at VBS. They had a theme each day and donated school items to help children who couldn't afford the basics of school supplies. Gabby learned about God and they practiced songs praising Him. It was precious on Sunday when all of the children gathered at the front of the church and sang the songs with motions (although we couldn't see Gabby because she stood in te back with the 5th graders. 
Once the week was over Gabby was already begging to return. She loved the church and especially all of the time with other kids. They offered a Veggie Camp a fee weeks later so of course she attended that as well. I volunteered the first day of Veggie camp and each age was a different vegetable. 3 year olds were Tomatoes, 4 year olds were cumcumber, 5&6 year olds were squash. I volunteered with the Tomatoes. Unfortunately I was …

Binch/McIlroy Family Reunion

The family reunion was a big almost week long event. It started on Thursday when Grandma, Grandpa, and Emma arrived. We kicked Uncle Mark out if his bed and put him in the princess bed and the kids slept on the floor. On Friday the crowd arrived: Sherri, Summer, Uncle Skipper, Shar, Great Aunt Peggy, Great Uncle Bill, Aunt Sharon, Uncle Lee, and Brody all arrived. We had so many people that Uncle Skipper and Shar had to stay in a hotel, all children slept on the floor, and we invaded and took over Grandma and Papa's entire house filling up all of their beds as well. Friday was shopping for the party and getting your hair done by Summer. You LOVED having all of your cousins here and y'all played until way past your bed time.

The actual family reunion was at the clubhouse in the front of our neighborhood. Everyone listed above was there plus Aunt Janet, Uncle Gary, Jenny and her family, Adam and his family, Uncle Jerry, Aunt Sharon, and all of Aunt Sharon's friends were there…

4th of July

This year the 4th was a quiet event for us. We had BBQ with the neighbors and Gabby had a blast with playing with all of the children. They played all day long! The weather looked like a bad storm was coming so we debated what we were going to do in the evening. Daddy, Gabby, Uncle Mark, and I ended up going to a church in Huffman too meet up with Aiden and Addison. Gabby lucked out and was the last child allowed to ride on the train and the last child to get cotton candy!!

The firework show was fabulous! Gabby seemed to enjoy them as much as I do. Once the fireworks were over we went and looked inside one of the fire engines and then headed home for bed. Sometimes the simplest of days are the best. I don't think we could have asked for a more fun day!

Cousins, Cousins, Everywhere!

Our summer has been especially busy leaving very little time for me to share photos or blog events that happened in Gabby's life. I must say the older she gets the more fun she is! I didn't think it was possible to grow closer to Gabby, but everyday she surprises me and every day is a new adventure. 
Our first visit was from Grandpa and Emma. They make an annual trip and we love the special quiet time just the three of them. I think it solidifies their bond more and more each year! Grandpa took them to the park and Chick-Fil-A. Care, Reagan, and Molly joined in the fun with Aunt Danielle as well!! Grandpa is never happier than when he is surrounded by his grand babies!
This year on my day off I took Emma and Gabby to the zoo. We made a day of it and fed the giraffes, rode the carousel, saw animatronic bugs, and even bought a souvenir.  
The next visit was a week with Katie and Carly. They swam, painted, played, watched movies, had their nails painted, and we also took them to the…

A Letter to the Twinkle in Our Eyes

Dear beautiful future baby, Gabby prays for a healthy baby brother and sister every single night. Daddy and I cannot wait to one day meet you, although we know it may be years from now. We trust that God has a plan for you and for us and we will be patient and hopefully follow the path He has set for us. Daddy had a special surgery in hopes of helping us have another baby. It was more pain and recovery than expected, but we agree you are worth it!  Gabby is so awesome we knew that another addition to our family could do nothing but bring more joy and brightness to all three of our lives! So until we meet you, just know you are in your mommy, daddy, and sister's thoughts and prayers. We will all be patiently waiting for you to teach us all a little more about life than you already have being a twinkle in our eyes. 
Already loving you dearly,  Your Family