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A Month Celebrating Gabby's Birthday

Let’s be clear, Gabby’s birthday celebration wasn't a day event like the typical person, oh no! It was a birthday month and we made the most of it all.  Her birthday month celebration began at Vic and Anthony’s (a place where only princesses celebrate) and then Papasito’s celebrated her birthday early when she informed the waitress that her birthday was March 17th.  We also celebrated on her actual birthday, the day before her party, her birthday party, at dinner after her party.  When we went to Texas Roadhouse with Grandma and Grandpa. Gabby informed them that it was almost her birthday party.  Naturally, they sang to Gabby (she grinned from ear to ear) and they also sat her on a saddle and did a good southern ‘yee haw’ in celebration.  She got a huge kick out of this. 
Finally, our last celebration was the night of her birthday party when they gave her ice cream and sang Happy Birthday to her in their own special way.  Next, a duet of guitarist came over, sang happy birthday …

Valentine's Day 2014

Valentine's was a fun two day event in our house.  Michael surprised me by sending flowers to work, which I loved.  When I arrived at work my boss asked if I had talked to Amy (a close friend and co-worker) about my flowers, when I told her no and asked what happened, my boss said she would let Amy tell me the story.  Moments later Amy arrived in my room and told me to open my flowers, which I did.  I read the card to her, "I love and cherish you" and then she dragged me into her room.  Excitedly she pointed to her own roses and told me to read the card, "To Second Wife" (Michael's nickname for her because he helps her fix things like a husband would do).  We both were dying laughing.  Michael made my Valentine's by thinking about others on this day, which reminded me why I married him, he has such a big heart!

The next day was Gabby's Valentine's Day (real Valentine's) she was so excited about her Valentine's party at school.  The nigh…

A New "Get Get"

When a package arrived on our doorstep today and it was addressed to Gabby she was elated and had to open it at that very moment.  Luckily my phone was in hand so I could video tape her reaction.  She laboriously opened the package to find a beautifully detailed carefully mimicking textures and binding of the infamous "get get" that Grandma made very quickly when she found out Gabby needed a blanket that was large enough to cover her entire body.  Gabby's reactions to the new blanket (which she now calls Hello Kitty blankie) was an array of emotions in about a two minute period. First, she started to cry because she was afraid it was intended to replace her "Regular Pink Get Get", but once I explained that we were not going to take her "Get Get" away she started to inspect the blankie and admire it. She loved the fact that the satin was light pink like her other blanket and the more she inspected it the more excited she became.  She discovered Grandma…

Happy Mardi Gras!

Vic and Anthony's

Michael decided that he wanted to take Uncle Mark to a dinner at Vic and Anthony's while he was in town.  We were planning to ask Grandma and Papa to watch Gabby while we went out to eat; however, Grandma and Papa were in Las Vegas during the majority of his visit so we decided to allow Gabby to come with us (but we were admittedly a little concerned of her behavior).  We talked up the dinner for a week, discussing how princesses went to this place to eat and how they were expected to behave.  I carefully made early dinner reservations to help with her mood and we decided that the dinner would be considered an early birthday celebrations for Gabby, which was literally the icing on the cake solidifying her behaving throughout the entire night.

So the night of the dinner arrived and we all got dressed up and headed to the restaurant.  Gabby was so excited! When we arrived she admired that large live lobsters with Daddy and then they lead us all to our table.  When we were first seat…