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Grandma's 60th Birthday!!

Grandma turned 60 this year! All of the grandkids and kids went to her house to celebrate not to mention Aunt Sharon and Uncle Jerry came to be part of the momentous occasion.  It was a very busy weekend.  We all went to a special dinner celebrating Uncle Kenneth's Birthday.  Then we went to Leslie's husband's new PT clinic to celebrate his grand opening (all of the children ran around crazy inside while we admired the actual office).  Then everyone went back to Grandma's house. To her surprise Uncle Skipper was there to join in the celebration when she arrived home!  They basically locked Grandma in her room while everyone quickly set up the celebration. Balloons were blown up, margaritas and strawberry daiquiris were made, and all of Sharon's decorations she had made her hung up.  The place quickly looked like a party.  

We all hope that Grandma enjoyed her birthday celebration. It was a wonderful time having all of the kids together at one time. We love you Gra…

Independence Day