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Shelbie. Sherbie? Sheldon!

So I caved. We always go to the pet store and look at all of the animals, for at least an hour each week. The day after Christmas we went to the pet store and Gabby said, "Can I have a real cat? Please..." I said no, but for some reason I decided she needed a cat and Michael was on board, so Saturday we did not tell her what we were doing, but we bought all of the stuff for a cat and then went to the pet adoptions.

Gabby loves looking at all of the pets and was petting all of the kitties. We played with numerous cats and chose a 9 month old cat that has been in the pet store as long as we have been going there.   This cat always seems to perk up and give Gabby attention, so he was the only one I was truly interested in adopting.  I didn't want a kitten because they are so rambunctious with sharp kitten claws, not to mention Gabby isn't that gentle and I was afraid she might have loved it to death. 

We used Gabby's Christmas money from all of her grandparents an…