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Halloween Party

This year for Halloween we decided to have an impromptu Halloween party.  First I got Gabby the pink leopard ready.  I put spots on her face and helped her get dressed in her costume (she really wanted to be a pink tiger, but it was impossible to find a costume so we compromised on being a pink leopard).  We invited her neighbor friends and her cousins to come for a party before trick-or-treating.  It was a small gathering, but it definitely h had flare.  The neighbors came over and participated in the planned fun.  Grandma was kind enough to buy dry ice for their witches brew.  All of the kids enjoyed seeing the smoke coming from the wicked concoction.  They all seemed super excited about their brew.
Next, we had a pumpkin hunt (actually gourds I couldn't find mini pumpkins anywhere).  First, I hid all of the 20 pumpkins and the kids found them.  They thought this activity was so fun that they decided to take all of the pumpkins they each found and hide them for the others to fi…

Accidental Disney Visit

So...we accidentally went to Disney World.  After arriving to our hotel, I talked Michael into going to Disney World.  I just wasn't done with the Disney magic and how did I not know Disney World was only an hour from where we were staying?! The tickets were bought for us all to arrive the following day. Grandma and Daddy went to rent a van and then Grandma and I bought Gabby a booster seat, bottles for water, a Minnie Mouse stroller, walking shoes, and lunch for our endeavor the next day.

We arrived at the Magic Kingdom the moment the doors opened and we stayed until about 10 minutes before they closed for the evening.  It was a busy day.  The first thing on our agenda was to meet Ana and Elsa; however, on our way to the two snow princesses we saw Merdia from Brave! She only had about 5 people in line so we stopped by and said hello.  Gabby colored while I waited in line and then she met the Brave princess.  Finally, the part she was looking forward to, shooting her bow and arr…

Day 4 (The Last Full Day- At Sea!)

Every day was jam packed with fun and activities.  On the final day we woke up and hurried and got dressed because it was time to meet all of the princesses (with no wait using our tickets) and the Disney Jr. characters. We were almost late because Gabby slept so late! It was magical and the highlight of our day for sure! Every princess took their time making Gabby feel like a princess her self, I think she really believed that they were THE princesses we've read about and watched in movies.

After meeting the Disney Jr. characters we had lunch with Grandma and Grandpa and we all talked about all of the fun of seeing the princess and Doc McStuffins!

We then enjoyed the pool and hot tub with lots of swimming.  Then Gabby had some special time with Grandma and Grandpa while Mommy and Daddy went on a date.  Our service at Palo was great and it was nice to have a little time with just the two of us.  After dinner we bumped into Gabby and Grandma leaving the theater.  We happened upon l…

Day 3

Our third day of vacation was another fun filled day! We woke up with this beautiful view and by 9:30 we were on the beach (privately owned by Disney).

We bought Gabby some sand toys and alternated building sandcastles, making Gabby into a "wormmaid" and swimming in the crystal clear water. Gabby managed to also have a dance party with Minnie Mouse and Goofy and watch hermit crab races. 

The day was perfect! The sky's were blue and filled with fluffy white clouds and the water was the perfect to cool you off when you were too hot from playing in the sand. After we all had our full of the beach we went back to the ship to relax before our evening festivities were to begin!
Grandma and Grandpa filled us in in the happenings on the ship while the 3 of us were hanging out in paradise. They ride this really cool slide that goes over the ocean 3 times (we couldn't ride it because Gabby was a centimeter too small). They said it was super fun. 
It was Pirate Night so we all…