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Easter was a very quiet event this year, just the three of us.  We really made the most of our family day since Michael closed the office Sunday in honor of Easter.  On Saturday before work we dyed Easter eggs as a family.  It was a fun activity that we cherish doing as a family.  Gabby loves any sort of crafting.

On the night before Easter Gabby insisted she must sleep in the living room in her tee pee like she did last year.  We obliged to this request and got her all tucked in with tons of fluffy blankets.  Michael arrived home around midnight and quietly walked to our room as to not wake her or possibly scare off the Easter Bunny.  He enjoyed looking at the carrots and whipped cream Gabby left out for the Easter Bunny to enjoy.

Around 2:00 a.m. Gabby came into our room and decided it was more comfortable to sleep with us.  So in the morning when she awoke she went directly into the living room and opened her entire Easter Basket without us! She even hunted the eggs the Easter Bu…

A Good Friday!

There was no school on Good Friday so we made the most of this family day.  Since Daddy had to work in the evening we took advantage and woke up early and went to the park.  Gabby decided she wanted to try to learn to ride her bike without training wheels. I am excited to say it was a quick success! We started off by having her try on the hard grass and she got the hang of it in no time.  The entire time we practiced she only fell twice and they were skilled falls.

Once her confidence built, she wanted to try riding on the concrete because we explained a smooth surface is much easier.  She instantly was able to do it, but still needed help with starting off.  Before I even finished the sentence of saying that once she could push of on her own we would buy her a new bike, she did it with no encouragement needed! She was so proud so we sat on a bench and cheered her on.  It was so exciting seeing her be a natural on a bike. I think it was also a confidence booster, which is always a pl…