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So we are going to have some out of order blogs, basically because that describes our lives over the last three months! Our world is disorderly, turned upside down, and pure chaos.

Gabby, Michael, and I moved out of our house on September 12th and officially sold our house on September 16th. It was a week of long days, with me packing and cleaning, Michael constantly moving, and Aunt Ellen helping us by watching Miss Gabrielle. When Gabby was at the house “helping” us pack she could unpack two boxes as fast as I packed one! Needless to say moving took us literally the entire four days we had (and we had been packing boxes and moving items to storage two weeks prior to the official week designated for “the move”).

While being “homeless” we stayed at my parents’ house. Gabby loves going to Grandma and Papa’s but apparently is not interested in living there. The first 4 days we were there, Grandma and Papa were in Las Vegas, which was nice so Gabby could get used to living there. The fir…

"Orange" You Glad I said Trick or Treat?

Halloween morning Gabby was exceptionally picky about her breakfast choices.  I tried the usual: eggs, a bagel, cereal, banana, yogurt, but these were all unacceptable options...what did my little pumpkin desire? Mandarin oranges and a slice of American cheese.  She refused to eat anything but orange foods for the first half of the day, a coincidence....I think so, but still it's pretty funny.  After an orange lunch of macaroni and cheese and sweet peas (she picked out all of the sweet peas) she finally got over her "orange" binge, but only because she found desirable red candy!

 She found a bag of Mars candy bars and littered the floor with her treasures. After about 45 minutes of working diligently to open a Kit Kat candy wrapper she finally was rewarded with the sweet chocolaty crunch that a Kit Kat bar indulges us with.  Gabby ate about half of it with no reservations and then enjoyed her sugar rush. 

The rest of the day was uneventful (except that Gabby's new …