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Sacrafices for My Angel

Everyone knows that being a parent is full of sacrifices and some are more difficult than others. So far being a Mom I have "sacrificed" my skin thanks to stretch marks, my youthfulness, thanks to the worries that cause the new wrinkles I notice weekly, my pretty legs thanks to the varicose veins I received during pregnancy that never went away, the comfort of sitting thanks to the back pain I have had ever since pregnancy, a good night’s sleep, and the list goes on... However, none of these things truly feel like a sacrifice (although I do miss sleep and my non-damaged body) they are just part of being a mommy and I wouldn't trade parenthood for anything!

Today, however, a very difficult sacrifice was made, although I know it was the only choice. Ranger, the dog Michael and I had for 7 ½ years, was given to a new home today. He bit Gabby on her head when she was about 9 months old and then about a week ago he nipped at her and unfortunately that was the last straw. My cousin Susie graciously agreed to adopt him with one condition, he had to be neutered! So 2 days later Ranger was genderless and 3 days later he moved to his new home two hours away in Nacogdoches. Moral of the story: Don’t hurt my kid or I will cut off your balls (or the equivocal if you are female) with no remorse and no questions asked!

I cried on and off all day yesterday, because the inevitable would arrive at day light and it’s necessary to grieve for a loss of a loved one, even if it’s only a dog! So far today I have made it through without tears, but I am constantly wondering how he is doing and hoping he quickly adjusts to his new loving family. I have worked very hard to keep busy today to keep from thinking of Ranger. Since I woke up this morning I have cleaned the house, cooked breakfast, entertained friends for a few hours, cooked lunch, ran a few errands, hand made invitations for little party I am planning, hand made two signs for a surprise celebration at my work, visited my parents for a few hours, visited my Aunt Ellen and cousin Chelli, drove home, bathed Gabby, read her books, put her to bed, made bread pudding, washed and folded two loads of laundry, and written this blog…now I need to go to bed!

Bittersweet is one of my favorite types of chocolate, but not my favorite of emotions. The loss of Ranger is bitter sweet, bitter because I will miss him and so will Gabby, but sweet because I know he went to a good family and I no longer have to worry about Gabby or our future baby’s safety. If I could say anything to Ranger (and he actually understand) I would say this: “Ranger, I love you and I wish you would have made better choices so you could continue to be part of our family. No one would have been a better friend than Gabby. Why not love your best friend rather than worry about yourself and harm a perfect angel? I wish the best for you and hope your new family spoils you and gives you the attention you deserve! We still love you and miss you.”

I am not going to dwell on the loss of Ranger because Mike gave me good advice. Just watch Gabby laugh and your worries will wash away. She is definitely worth the choice and I know I will not regret it because she is safe. Gabby may miss her chore of feeding him twice a day (which was precious), but otherwise I don’t think it will take long until she forgets about him….Sad but true! This Ranger, is my tribute to you!


LJM said…
Aw, this one brought me to tears! :(

Bittersweet indeed...she's worth it!

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