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Like Mother Like Daughter

Gabby is working hard to learn a new skill, it's one that I learned in utero. Michael and I have worked really hard to prevent her from being like her mom, but she is one determined little girl! She is getting pretty good at finding her thumb and placing it in her mouth.  It has taken her 10 weeks  to consistently get her thumb into her mouth, but she has succeeded! A little over a month ago was the first time she ever got her thumb in her mouth, and I must say it was the most coordinated time. The moment she stuck her thumb in her mouth and sucked once, Michael was swiftly pulling her thumb from her mouth because he was afraid she might realize she liked sucking her thumb.  Ever since that triumphant day she has been working extremely hard to repeat this action.  She enjoys sucking her thumb, but only works at it whenever her pacifier falls out.  It helps on car rides when she starts crying because her pacifier falls out of her mouth.  After a minute she usually remembers that sh…

Aloha Grandma and Papa!

Grandma and Papa spoiled Gabby by showering her with gifts when they returned from vacation.  I think she got more gifts, then days they were gone.  She got three adorable Hawaian dressed (one with monkeys) a fresh lei with yellow plumeria flowers (the flowers from my wedding), adorable plumeria barrets, and the list just goes on and on.  We had a lot of fun dressing up and wearing our leis.  Thank you Grandma and Papa for all of the thoughtful beautiful gifts.  We missed you while you were gone!

Photo Fun

Here is Gabby on her 8 week birthday.  Daddy was out of town leaving Gabby and I to have a 3 day girls only slumber party.  I think Michael really missed his girls.  He was gone three days and was sad that he was going to miss so much of her life. Gabby and I were hoping to go with Michael so I could see my family, but we had to pick Grandma and Papa up from the airport and get her 2 month shots.  Gabby handled her shots well.  She screamed after she got them, but quickly calmed down.  She was only fussy for one night (we woke up every hour).  But I just let her sleep in the bed with me that way I could quickly console her.  On a positive note, Gabby loved seeing her grandparents after not seeing them for 10 whole days.  They spoiled her (but that's for another blog!).  So to have something to look forward to, I tortured Miss Gabby and dressed her up in a tutu and her bathing suit.  I can't believe that my little girl is already so old!

First Vacation

Gabby's first vacation started out in a monsoon! We had to drive about 20 or 30 mph half the way to our condo in Galveston.  Gabby could feel the tension and stopped crying once the weather got really scary.  Then Michael scooped Gabby out of the car and ran into the condominium.  I was in flip flops, so I cautiously walked into the condo.  Then Michael ran to the car and got Gabby's bag.  The weather was so bad that Gabby actually slept in the bed with us because we never went back out to the car until the next morning.  Our Saturday was drizzly so we stayed indoors most of the day.  We played putt putt and introduced Gabby to the beach.  Sunday, we had a busy day.  We went to Ashton Villa (where Michael and I got married) and Gabby took a picture on the staircase with Daddy.  Then we went to the beach where Daddy stuck Gabby's feet in the water which incidentally made her cry when waves hit her.  So we went to the 1 foot pool and our condo.  Michael was holding her and …

Monkey Buisness

Since Gabby was about 4 or 5 weeks old she has been in love with the monkeys on her carousels.  She has an elephant, giraffe and monkey to look at on her swing, bouncer, and play pin.  She LOVES the monkey.  Her love affair started by simply staring at the monkey no matter where the monkey was placed, then she began smiling at the monkey, and finally she started laughing at the monkey.  She started all of these things much earlier with the monkey than she did with actual human beings.  I don't know why but she loves her monkey! Now she has long conversations with the monkey; cooing and laughing at him without letting Mommy or Daddy in on her secrets.  It's the greatest sound hearing her laugh at the monkey.

My Little Angel