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It's a GIRL!!!!

So I have to apologize to my little pink skittle! I have been calling my poor baby, "he" this whole time and was completely wrong. Apparently the claim "you just know" was totally wrong! We had our ultrasound on Friday and it was really amazing. Mike and my mom came and we had the enjoyment of watching my dear baby girl lazily lay around for about 30 minutes while the ultrasound technician measured every bone and organ about 3 times. In the picture in the book it shows the baby slightly squished, but not my baby...oh no! She was streched out literally flexing her toes. The lady doing the ultrasound said you don't normally get such a good view of baby's feet. She gave us 11 ultrasound picture, 6 of which were of her feet!

I get to talk to my doctor Monday regarding the results of the findings of the ultrasound, so I cannot defenitively say this, but I believe she is healthy. I got to watch her well timed swallow and look closely and her spinal cord and brai…

Baby in my Tummy

My first kid of the day is a little girl who sometimes runs away from me or refuses to participate in the required activities, but I love her all the same. One day when she ran away recently, I picked her up and told her not to kick because Ms. Amber has a baby in her tummy.

Today, she asked me (in her highly unintelligible words) if I still had a baby in my tummy. I told her yes and that the baby would be in my tummy for a long time. She asked if she could see it. (She thought if I showed her my stomach there was a like a glass window to see the baby inside.) I told her that I had a picture of the baby in my tummy and showed it to her. It was the best idea I have ever had! She worked so hard saying 20 words so she could look at the picture of my ultrasound for about 30 seconds. She could even identify the baby in the picture!
Later she put her baby doll under her shirt and informed me that she had a baby in her tummy too. She proceeded to tell me that she i…

It's beginning to look a lot like a Nursery!

My Mom and Dad ordered my crib and dresser a little over a week ago. It came in on Friday! So of course as soon as Mike got home he began assembling them. I timed hour and a half to have them completely put together. It makes this whole having a baby thing feel a lot more REAL!!
Thank you soooo much Mom and Dad for everything you have done to support us during this exciting time!

Signs of Life

So last night being lazy on the couch while watching pointless t.v. I think I felt the baby move for the first time! It was actually a few times for only a moment each time. It felt like little bubbles fluttering upward in me for only a few seconds. I told Michael it reminded me of how it would feel if the bubbles from a fish tank were in your belly. Mike also swears he can hear the baby's heartbeat with a monitor too, but we aren't positive.


So my sister-in-law, Sharon, recently got married and 4 of her 8 bridesmaids were pregnant. We are all within a month of each other. Mike has an inside joke with his sister regarding "four" so we took a picture holding up the number 4 on our fingers. Three of the 4 bridesmaids have found out the sex of their babies and 3 of the 4 are having boys....Sharon has changed her choice that I am having a girl, to now I am having a boy, because all of her other bridesmaids are. So of course she expects me to follow the trend (although I have never been a trend follower). I guess we will just have to wait and see if 4 is the number of the year!

Oh Baby!

The door to my room

At work we are ALL girls so of course they decided to do something sweet for me to celebrate the baby. Once I told my bosses I was going to start telling parents that I had a bun in the oven they decorated the office and surprised me one day when I was traveling to a charter school I work at. This is what the office looks like, I think the decorations are adorable....not to mention a great ice breaker to telling at least 30 parents that I am pregnant which is ackward (especially dads and grandfathers for some reason). I have been lucky all of the parents at some point have mentioned it to the cat is out of the bag.

(We are having technical difficulties, I will post the pictures when our computer decides to cooperate)

Pink or Blue Skittle

Okay so as requested by many, I am posting a picture of my belly. A few people told me that they needed to see my belly before guessing the sex of the baby. When Michael took this picture last night we were both convinced my belly grew from the time I woke up.
Please comment whether you think it's a boy or a girl or email me and let me know what you think because I would love to make a little scrapbook page of who guessed what. We will let you know October 30th, whether or not you are correct.