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Finally the Beach!

We made a checklist of fun things to do during the summer to ensure we did not get bored.  We were so busy with fun that we did not complete but about half of the list.  The one that Gabby required was the beach.  The beach was a problem though, because there was a bacteria in it at the beginning of the summer, and Mommy wouldn't risk it.  Instead we decided to take her to Schlitterbahn and she rode every single slide that she was allowed to go on, some numerous times.  Gabby is truly a daredevil like her Daddy (and unlike her Mommy).  We had a wonderful day at Schlitterbahn, but it wasn't the beach even when we added the Rainforest Cafe for dinner.  We promised her the beach another day and she did not forget.

So after many tears and lots of begging, we finally found a weekend that we had available to go to the beach! We made it to the beach last weekend.  I am so glad we waited until September to go to the beach.  It was a perfect day.  After having an early lunch with a be…

5 1/2: Half Birthday Celebration

Michael says that I like to take advantage and celebrate everything.  I would like to say that this is an over exaggerations, but he is likely right because we just spent four days celebrating Gabby's half birthday.  We started Gabby's half birthday celebration by breaking her out of school a little early so she could savor a few extra hours with Corbin before he went home since we had such a short time with him.  She loved that Nanny got her and Corbin each a balloon to celebrate and then she and I went out for ice cream before tumbling class.

Then, on her actual half birthday Gabby and I made her a half rainbow chip birthday cake.  Grandma and Papa came over and ate dinner with us.  Then Grandma, Papa, Abby, Mommy, and Daddy sang "Happy Half Birthday" to Gabby.  Then she blew out her candles and went back to playing with Abby.  It was so adorable she informed everyone at school proudly that it was her half birthday. Before tucking her into bed on the day of her ac…

Grandpa's Birthday

This weekend was Labor Day weekend.  Mark suggested we all go to Dallas to celebrate Grandpa's birthday a few days early.  So we all surprised Grandpa at about 11:00 at night by walking in his front door with a crew of 10! After arriving Uncle Mark informed his girls that they would be enjoying a Disney Cruise and that he, Laura, and her two kids would also be joining in on the cruise fun since they had just booked a room on the cruise as well.  This will be the first every entire family vacation and I know we are all looking forward to the memories that will be made.

The children went to bed nicely, but the adults stayed up WAY too late, simply visiting and catching up on lost time.  Even though everyone went to bed very late (Gabby after 11:00 and parents after 1:00), Gabby still was awake in the 7:00 a.m. hour. Gabby popped up and ran straight into the room where all of the kids were still sleeping and woke poor Reagan up.

We spent the day with all of the kids playing so swee…