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Dr. Suess Musical

Gabby was very excited about her musical.  Her entire grade practiced for over a month to perform for the parents one evening.  Gabby would practice singing at home all of the time, it was precious.  So when the night came, we were present front and center.  We enjoyed her animation. I swear she has more personality and passion when performing that 99% of her classmates.  After her and her classmate's adorable and perfect performance we went congratulated her with a cute toy kitten as her congratulations and then went out for ice cream with her best friend Hadley.  It was such a wonderful performance and all of the children were so proud of their accomplishment.  The music  teach did a great job working with the kids!

Daddy Daughter Dance

This Friday Gabby and Michael went to Gabby's first dance.  The Daddy Daughter Dance was put on by the Girl Scouts.  I ran Escape Artist while Michael took Gabby on a "date" and then to the dance.  Gabby got all dolled up and Daddy wore a tie because Gabby insisted.  They went to Gabby's favorite restaurant, Texas Roadhouse, and then they headed to the dance.  They had a lot of fun.  Michael said they danced, and ate, and Gabby even led a cha-cha line for a while.  Gabby knows how to party and her and Daddy enjoyed the night of fun.  The good news is, I managed to keep the business open and it ran smoothly thanks to the employees until I got to hand it back over to Michael a few hours after opening.  Gabby is already for next year's dance.  I am so glad that she has the chance so young to learn how a lady should be treated.  Gabby is so lucky to have an amazing Daddy who lives for her.

100th Day of School

The 100th Day of School was a fun event this year.  Gabby was truly in character.  We woke up early and Michael and I truly enjoyed her excitement for this day of fun.  I think these photos say it all!

Science Fair

Anyone who knows Gabby well, knows she has a passion for science.  She is constantly coming up with science experiments on her own.  She loves to combine things and learn how things work.

Gabby decided this year for her science experiment she wanted to find out if she could make solid soap into liquid soap.  So we began by "making" solid soap (melting glycerin and adding scent and pouring into molds). Then came the difficult part, she had to shave the soap and then determine the soap to water ratio.  We did not look online to research, she made her own hypothesis and I am excited to say she successfully make liquid soap!

She was so proud to display her experiment, but she did not win. She told a judge that the experiment came from a "kit" therefore I don't think they realized that she truly came up with the experiment independently.  She handled losing well and told us she should have worked with electricity instead, because maybe the judges would have found t…