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Reflections of 2017

Reflecting on this year has made me realize what an intense year it has been.  At the end of each hear I am always hearing people complain about their year.  I reflect and see that our year was on for the books for sure, but I see it as a year of growth and amazing events.  This year has been full of difficult times as well as many blessings.

Throughout this year there have been wonderful events and numerous trying events in our lives. Here are a few of the highlights of the year:

Christmas 2018

Since Michael and my family live so far away from each other, Gabby is blessed with two Christmas celebrations each year.  My side of the family came to our house on Christmas Eve (all traveling from different parts of Louisiana. Silsbee, and San Antonio).  When my little family arrived home from church family was arriving and warming delicious food for lunch.

The day couldn't have been more fun.  We ate a delicious meal and everyone was in great spirits. Then the main event for the two kids began.  As gifts were being passed around Gabby and Corbin began opening gifts.  They were showered and spoiled with everything they could have wanted and more! Papa wasn't feeling well, but he helped Daddy put together her trampoline so she could play with it the next morning.

The funniest event was after opening gifts.  Grandma made two Saran Wrap balls filled with treats for the children and adults.  We set a timer and went to town unwrapping the ball as quickly as we possibly could. I…

Christmas Season 2018

The Christmas season is an overwhelmingly busy yet beautiful time of year.  Between Gabby's school events, my personal events, and trying to run our business there was hardly time to breathe.  We love our traditions around this time of year and made time for them all.  Grandma and Papa treated us to tickets for us and close friends to see the Nutcracker.  Afterwards we were blessed to meet Clara! The girls were in awe.

The elves also visited us for one entertaining month.  They brought Gabby a gingerbread making kit per our tradition and Gabby had fun.  Gabby's gingerbread house was simple and made 100% by herself this year.  It's hard to believe that Gabby is such a big girl and able to do intricate activities so well independently.