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I'm Going to School Today!

Friday was Gabrielle's first ever day of preschool.  We woke up early because we were excited. Gabby cried the entire morning getting ready (I think she was nervous).  I got Gabby dressed and packed her snack and backpack early.  We headed out the door extra early to ensure we were there in time.  On the way to school Daddy called.  When I answered Gabby started singing one of her children's songs with the melody perfect, "I'm going to school today, I'm going to school today. I. Am. Going. To. School!"  Daddy wished her good luck and we hung up because we had arrived at the empty church where school is held? Being only 20 minutes early I was sure the school teachers would at least already be here.  After walking around the school making sure I didn't just park in the incorrect spot and asking a not so helpful person who pulled up, I concluded we were in the wrong place, but I had no clue where to go and was freaking out, but trying to keep it together fo…