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Happy Thanksgiving

Michael gave me my birthday present early so I could wear it to Thanksgiving with my family. It was a shirt that says "Watermelon Smuggler" that he had especially made for me. It was definitely a conversation piece during Thanksgiving and of course my Buddha belly that was rubbed by almost every family member for good luck I suppose. One of my aunts kept telling me that she had never seen me pregnant before (even though she had seen me in August), I think she meant she's never seen me BIG and pregnant. Typically at Thanksgiving there are tons of pictures taken but mainly of my two baby cousins. However since I am carrying a baby within my womb I was added as someone of interest. By the end of the day I was tired of the paparazzi taking pictures of my belly and my shirt, but I loved the excitement everyone in my family has to meet Gabby. My aunt and uncle gave three boxes of baby girl clothes and other family members gave me clothes and baby items as birthday gifts. I was…

Getting a Kick Out of Gabby

So like probably half of the female population in the USA I went to see New Moon over the weekend. After the movie I went to my Mom's to discuss the movie with my sister and mom. We lost track of time talking and before I knew it, it was almost midnight! Lacey and Mom both go to feel the baby kick, the hardest I think she has ever kicked! I think it was because it was really late at night and that is typically when she is most active. I think they were both really excited to feel Gabby for the first time.


So Mike and I got back from our "babymoon" yesterday night. A babymoon is one last celebration of your life together pre-parenthood. We had so much fun in Vegas, it's a place we've both always wanted to visit. We went to SEMA the largest car show in the world, walked 100 miles going from place to place, went to Hoover Dam, and saw all of the cool casinos. We are not gamblers and we still had tons of fun (and won about $40 spending only $5)! I would definitely go back again.

Gabby is moving more and more every day, but she still loves to stop moving the instant Michael's hand touches my stomach. Apparently Gabby grew and my stomach significantly grew while I was on vacation because I had numerous comments today on how pregnant I look.


Michael got to bond with the baby on Monday night. While I was playing on the internet looking at all kinds of baby stuff I could feel her moving around and it was more than usual. I could feel her moving on the outside of my stomach. So, Michael came over and put his hands on my stomach and got to feel her move for the first time! I haven't felt the baby move much since that night, but Michael thinks in about a week he'll get to feel her moving all of the time.