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Oh What Fun, Gabby is ONE!!!!

I can't believe that my little girl turns one today.  It feels like just yesterday that I met her for the first time.  The joy that comes with having this little angel, and by angel I mean gift from heaven, grows more and more everyday.  I tell Michael all of the time that I cannot believe how much more I love her every day and he feels the same way. Our love grows for her as fast as she grows! 

We love you baby Gabby! You are the most amazing person in the entire world.  Happy First Birthday!


Mommy and Daddy

Milestones Gabby has met by her first birthday:
WalkingRunningPlaying "pat-a-cake" and "itsy bitsy spider" and "singing" along by clicking her tongueSays: "dada, mama, uh-oh, cat, hi, cat, pretty, yeah, oh wow" and I am sure more that I am forgetting.Calling the cat and dog by clicking her tongue and putting her hand out (cutest thing ever!)Turning the pages and pointing to pictures in her booksBecoming a 'limp noodle' to …

My Traveling Angel

Gabby had a great adventure her first time traveling by plane.  Gabby and Mommy got to the airport two hours early (as recommended by the TSA).  We went through the checkpoints with Gabby's stroller and our two carry on items. Then we had an early dinner and waited for our plane.  The flight to Amarillo was only 1 hour and 38 minutes (not including the time we waited to take off and to unload from the plane). 

Since I was super nervous about how Gabby would behave on the airplane, I strategically dressed Gabby in an adorable outfit.  When we arrived in the area to wait for our plane you could feel the stares and resentment from all of the people around.  It was an area where about 16 planes have the same waiting area and it was like the lottery...Everyone was hoping to win a plane without the baby.  Luckily the plane we boarded was only half full; therefore, we had one man in the seats directly in front of us and no one behind us or next to us.  Gabby did not react to take off ot…