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Brody's 6th Birthday!

Brody turned 6 and invited us to his birthday party.  Gabby and I traveled to be part of the celebration. We missed seeing snow by a few hours and had an extra hour of driving due to ice on the roads.  Luckily we made it safely to his home.  We stayed up late catching up while the kids all played together.  The next morning Gabby saw the "snow" that was left and ran out into the 6 degree weather and played on the trampoline for a few minutes before we got ready for the party.

Brody and all of the kids really seemed to enjoy his celebration at the trampoline park.  It was great seeing Grandma and Grandpa as well as the rest of the family.  The Brody celebration was a whirlwind.  Gabby and I were in Dallas for less than 24 hours but felt so lucky to be part of watching Brody turn 6!

Christmas Part Two