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Battle Red!

Today was a day of pride for Michael, because Gabby attended her first ever Texans football game. To celebrate I surprised Michael with a new red Texans shirt and even found one at Good Will for Gabby for $1.  You would be surprised how many battle red shirts I found there for such a low price.  I think Michael enjoyed Gabby and I fully participating in the event, attire included.  If you have never been to a professional football game, it is a day event.  We left the house around 9:15 and didn't get home until about 4:30.

 Before the game we allowed Gabby to walk around to burn off some energy.  She danced and met three of the cheerleaders, who signed her shirt and took a picture with her and Daddy. Once in our seats Gabby was not too sure about the loud noises, but quickly acclimated when given (usually forbidden) snacks.  Gabby received a lot of attention including hi-fives and behaved surprisingly well throughout the game (even though the sun was burning down on us until afte…


Today was Gabby's second ever visit to the zoo.  Natalie, Mia, and Alex invited to join them at the zoo.  We arrived before 10:00 a.m. and it was already very busy because of it being Zoo Boo! Mia and Alex were excited, but Gabby didn't remember the zoo so she was oblivious.  We walked around the zoo for about 3 hours and probably only saw about 8 animals, because we waited in line to do different things and got really lucky and were able to watch special animal events.

The first animals we stopped to look at were the elephants.  There were three less than 10 feet away from us getting baths!  Gabby liked watching them so we stayed and watched them for a while.  The next animal we had a close encounter with was a chimpanzee.  For some reason there was one chimp who was literally sitting against the glass making faces and putting his hands on the glass.  So Mia and Alex sat there literally face to face with our friend Mr. Chimp.  Gabby was reluctant and asked me to hold her unt…

A Party Fit for a Princess (or Princesses)

About a month before we moved out of our house, I decided to have a Girl's Night In party for Gabby and all of the sweet girls in her life.  I thought the moms would enjoy the little memories and I thought it would be a fun way for Gabby to learn how to socialize with other children in a comfortable atmosphere. 
All of the girl's ranged in age from 1 year to 11 years, which made me worry that all of the girls wouldn't have fun.  Luckily the older girls entertained the younger girls and everyone ended up having a lot of fun! They danced, ate chicken nuggets and ice cream sundaes, and played a game of hide and seek (which consisted of a lot of running, squealing, and giggling girls). Ice cream cones! Yummy party favors fit for a princess....Ring Pops! Sundae toppings: Dinosaur sprinkles, chocolate chips, homemade whipped cream, and the biggest hit: maraschino cherries. Gabby having her first ever box of popcorn.  She was so proud of herself watching "Snow White" a…