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Field Trip

This year's field trip was to Old MacDonald's Farm.  Gabby insisted that we allowed her to ride the because because of the issues from not riding the bus last year.  Since it was much closer than the zoo last year, we allowed her to ride the bus. She also requested that we BOTH attend the field trip and of course since we are both wrapped around her tiny perfect fingers, we obliged to this request. However, Michael and I were both quite sick.  After an hour or so Michael went to rest in the car, since I was on the mend and he was feeling terrible.  Gabby adored spending the day with Bella and Leah her friends we were assigned to spend the day with.  They rode the train, rode the pony twice, fed all of the animals, went down the slides, and the favorite attraction was a huge mound of dirt that they all played in.  It was a beautiful day and the kids really seemed to enjoy the field trip.  Finally, they gathered with their class, chose a pumpkin, and then we took her home early…