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A Party Fit for a 5 Year Old Princess

This year Gabby designed and planned her entire birthday party.  She planned the games, chose all of the decorations, and even designed and helped her (dye free) birthday cake. I must say, it was an exceptionally fun birthday because Gabby's eyes lit up as she watched her birthday come together.  She even insisted on where her birthday signs be hung.  The whole process was adorable and I must say she is quite the party decorator!
 We had an early birthday celebration with Nanny and Corbin, but she surprised us by supplying these beautiful princess cookies for the party! All of the girls loved them.  They were quite impressive!
 Gabby chose and placed the cake toppers.  It was a pink ombre cake on the inside (but you could hardly tell).  There were only about 3 slices left so I guess it was tasty even though it may have been a little lopsided.

 Grandma supplied the birthday favors, which included this bag, a crown, and a zipper pull.  Gabby insisted she needed a bag as well.

St. Gabby's Day!!!

Gabby has literally had 5 birthday celebrations to turn the oh so desired 5. I will discuss them out of order so we can begin with the actual day, March 17th.  She has wanted to be 5 years old since she was two.  She has always thought that is the age you become a "big girl" which she has desired so very much.  She was ecstatic on this day! Here is a glimpse into her birthday celebration.
Grandma and Papa started the day off by coming over super early in the morning to set up the birthday festivities.  They brought Gabby a sprinkle doughnut and we celebrated her birth by singing "Happy Birthday" and having her blow out a candle.

 After she finished her doughnut and got dressed for school she begged to see her birthday present.  Daddy presented her with the desired scooter, which she proceeded to ride in circles around the house.  She was so happy she got her desired gift!! It was adorable.
 Grandma and Papa pretended to leave and we "left" for school ab…

A Little Extra Family Time

Michael was laid off, which was a total shock, but luckily for us we were prepared.  We have a budget and a plan so it wasn't something unbearably stressful.  We were blessed that within 5 weeks of being laid off due to the economy has already begun another job!  During his time off we really enjoyed spending extra time together.  Michael has had many projects including putting up crown molding, starting to design and build our new closet, and changing shocks and struts on our vehicles. Taking Gabby to the Downtown Aquarium.  He and I went to see Dave Ramsey again, which was uplifting.  We also took a vacation to Grandma and Grandpa's house.  Grandpa had to have another surgery on his foot, so we were lucky enough to have some extra time with Grandma, Grandpa, Emma, and Brody.  We really enjoyed Legoland and looking at the Sea World. Two days filled with fun!