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Losing Sheldon

Exactly a week ago today we lost Sheldon.  We had a wonderful day planting a garden, playing with friends, and then Michael and I  went to dinner on a short date to celebrate his promotion and paying off our first student loan.  We were only gone an hour and a half and then we picked Gabby up from Grandma and Papa's house.  We were enjoying a peaceful ride home since Gabby fell asleep, when Michael turned the corner onto our road and saw something white laying in the middle of the road.  Michael put the car in park and jumped out to investigate.  I of course hesitated, I didn't want to know, but I rounded the corner of the truck hearing Michael say "Oh babe," with remorse in his voice.  Michael scooped up the kitty, placed him in the bed of the truck, and we silently pulled into our driveway.  I didn't react, I just got into Mommy mode and we tucked Gabby safely into bed. I can't help but feel like we could have prevented it.  If we would have just came stra…

Happy Easter!

Today was the quietest Easter we've had since being blessed with Gabby.  We stayed home and Grandma and Papa came over to celebrate and eat lunch. While I was preparing for lunch and Michael was still asleep, Gabby snuck into her Easter basket, tore it apart and began eating jelly beans, all before 8:00 a.m.!  Once Grandma and Papa arrived we exchanged hugs and then finished cooking dinner, which was delicious and Gabby did not even taste.  All I think Gabby ate today was two "Easter eggs," cookies, bread, and candy.  Pretty hard for this mommy to take!

After lunch we went on a walk and looked at houses for sale in the neighborhood.  Gabby loved exploring the houses and riding in the wagon.  Then it was time to have an Easter egg hunt.  It was very hot, but since it was just Gabby it was pretty fast.  Her surprises ranged from stamps, to coins, to Littlest Pet Shop toys, to a few candy ones.  The we paqued eggs, ate peach cobbler, and cleaned up a little.  Gabby of cour…