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Family Disney Cruise

This cruise was a whirlwind and a much different experience than our first Disney Cruise.  Both trips were amazing but in such different ways.  This vacation was wonderful because all of the kids had so much time together and they seemed to all enjoy the magic of the boat.

Grandma made the big girls handmade dresses for each night for dinner and I bought Molly and Gabby dresses so they would feel fancy as well.  Grandma even made the most amazing pirate costumes for the entire clan! We partied each night until we couldn't make it any longer.

Another highlight of the vacation was Brody's birthday!! We celebrated in on Pirate's night.  Michael and I allowed him to pick any toy he would like from the store on the boat and he chose a Buzz Light Year.  He seemed to really enjoy having the pirates sing Happy Birthday to him during dinner. He seemed to be feeling better (he was quite sick on the trip as well as Sharon) for his birthday celebration.  After dinner and the theater …