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First Bottle of Water

Gabby gets hiccups every single day and Michael and I hate it! We know she must be miserable even though she never cries. So my mom bought her the smallest bottle ever and she took a few sips of it. Believe it or not she actually got rid of the hiccups after she drank the bottle (the entire bottle time is on the video).

1 Week Old!

Today Gabby is one week old. Time is already flying and I am sad that it's already been a week! I can hardly believe she's been in our lives this long! She had a busy first week. She met one of her grandmas, grandpas, and great grandmas. She met her Aunt Lacey, Great Aunt Lisa, Kasey, Genny, and Amy (mommy's friends). She hasn't been put down for the most part because who wants to miss one moment of this little angel?!? We went to the doctor today and according to their measurements she gained half an ounce and lost half an inch! Also, another momentous occasion occurred yesterday. Her cousin, Molly Jo, was born! They will be less than a week apart! I can't wait until they meet in a few months. I think she really enjoyed her first week of life.

Gabby already opens her eyes a lot more and has become a lot more coordinated with feeding (although further practice is needed). I honestly believe that she is more beautiful every day! Here is a short video of her…

Labors of Love

So around 2:30 in the morning on March 17th I started having a contraction an hour, and knew that there would probably be a baby in the next 48 hours. I let Michael sleep because I slept too except for the labor pains once an hour. Then, once Michael got up around 7:00 (he got to sleep in that day) I told him I had been having a contraction an hour and then of course had one. Michael said he knew it was different than the contractions I’d been having all month. He threw his keys in a pocket, found a watch for me to time the contractions, and left (because I insisted he go to work this kind of labor could last for days). By the time Michael left I was having a contraction every 30 minutes. I called my mom and asked her to take me to the doctor as soon as they opened. My was of course, very excited. I packed the finishing touches in the suit case and we loaded it up when Mom arrived. By the time I saw the doctor at 9:30 my contractions were 5 to 7 minutes apart, the doctor said I was 3…

St. GABBY'S Day!

Gabrielle Elyssa McIlroy 7 pounds 6 ounces 19 3/4 inches long!

The Guessing Game

People have started to guess when they think Gabby will be born. I find this very amusing and a great way to pass the time. Apparently so does Michael, he informed me that we should start a pool of bets at both of our works and see who guesses Gabby's birthday correctly. Although I find this idea amusing, I don't plan on actually doing it; however, who knows if Michael will?!

So far I have been given these guesses:
Michael (Daddy): March 17th (which is St. Patrick's Day)
My Mom (Nana): March 12th (exactly 2 weeks early)
My Dad (Papa): March 13th or 14th
Mike's Mom (Grandma): March 24th
Great Aunt Lisa: March 12th
Amy (A good friend): March 11th or 12th
Sharon (Aunt Sharon): March 26th (she thinks Gabby will be punctual)
Lacey (Aunt Lacey): Says any day before the due date (because she will be out of town ON the due date!)
Jenny (Mike's cousin: March 17th)

My grandma stated at the very latest I will have her March 30th because it's a full moon. A preacher at a d…

A Shower for Michael

Michael's work decided to throw us a baby shower last Friday, which I think was very thoughtful! There were sandwiches, decorations, cookie cake, pastel M&Ms, and really cute matching plates and napkins. All of the people Michael works with were kind enough to give up their lunch hour and celebrate our future daughter with us. It was really nice getting to meet the people that Michael works with and they were overly nice about giving gifts! I am grateful that Michael works with people who care enough to celebrate this life changing event in such a special way! I can't wait to take her to have lunch with Daddy one day, so he can show her off :)

Book Worm

While being pregnant these are the books I have read:


Baby Wise
The Happiest Baby on the Block
Mayo Clinic Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy
Into the Womb-National Geographic
Pregnancy Guide Week by Week
I'm Pregnant A Week by Week Guide
Great Expectations

Girlfriend's Guide to Pregnancy
Chicken Soup for the Expecting Soul
Belly Laughs

Audio Books:The Total Money Makeover
The Millionare Next Door
The Millionare Mind

Too Cool For School

Michael and I took a birthing class for 8 hours on Saturday. It was pure torture the ENTIRE time!! My doctor recommended that we take the class so we begrudgingly obliged. The class was not exactly what I expected, but was completely boring! It wasn't the teacher's fault either the subject matter just wasn't that interesting if you've read as many books as I have during these 9 months. The teacher promised we would leave knowing more than we did when we arrived. The only useful thing I learned was that if you turn a chair backwards and sit in it, it's a lot more comfortable than sitting correctly in a chair because it gives the baby more room. Michael learned some (vocabulary mainly), but nothing worth our time or money we invested. I guess it's a right of passage...I am sure in a few months/years we will look back on our class an laugh at the 8 hours of torture. So my advice to anyone who is going to take a birthing class is research it first and make s…