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Gabby tried a toddler gymnastics class last week and LOVED it! Gymnastics is a loose term however, about half of the class the children sing songs and run around without any serious structure. Even with such a small amount of structure and only a 45 minute class, they started teaching Gabby how to do a safe forward roll, how to walk the balance beam and jump off, "tada" which is raising your arms after you complete an activity, and jumping and grasping onto a bar. She was the best in the class (and also the oldest....but a mom can brag right?).  Gabby was the best at following directions and she followed the teacher around like a puppy dog.  I was planning to look into different gymnastic programs around the area, but it looks like the one we tried is probably the one we will enroll her in since it works best with our busy schedule. 

Peer Pressure

Today Gabby officially learned how to ride a tricycle independently. Her two friends, Aiden and Addison were riding their bikes and she wanted to be like them so she hopped on their extra tricycle and began peddling with a little help from Daddy at first. We've been trying to get Gabby to ride her tricycle for months, (knowing that she's fully capable of doing it) but she was never interested until her friends were doing it and she wanted to join in the fun. Who said peer pressure has to be a bad thing?
Even when she fell she got right back up without a tear
Gabby ate better than usual because she was with her friends and accomplished another milestones because she wanted to be like her friends. Sometimes allowing children to naturally interact is the best way for them to learn new skills. That is why I love play dates (not to mention all of the smiles, giggles, and extra squeals that fill the air).


Sunday the light bulb in Gabby's head was shining brighter than usual I suppose.  She started drawing circles for the first time, she can identify 4 letters (when she is paying attention and interested), she finally can count to 5 independently, and she learned how to put  three piece puzzles together.  I am one proud momma in awe of what she learned in a day!