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Halloween Fun '

Gabby began celebrating Halloween early.  While visiting Grandma in Dallas, we went to the arboretum.  Gabby was introduced to the festive holiday by a sea of pumpkins (literally!).  Pumpkins were everywhere and Gabby loved touching them and looking at them.  She was just precious in her Halloween costume.  A stranger literally stopped and took a picture of her.  I guess I'm not the only one who thinks she is a beaty!

We began celebrating Halloween morning by turning on the news and seeing Gabby! The funny thing is no one in the family saw the video, but one of Aunt Lacey's friends mom saw her on t.v. and asked us about it! Gabby was really excited to see herself on the television screen.  Gabby's Halloween was a very busy day.  Gabby became famous, she went to a masqurade ball/wedding, and went trick or treating for the first time!