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25% Down....

So officially the skittle no longer looks like a skittle and is no longer an embryo anymore. Now our little skittle has graduated to a fetus! 10 weeks and 25% down only 75% to go! It's is hard to believe but it is nice to know that I (and Michael) have survived a significant part of this process.

New picture of our Skittle...

So the baby has grown about 50% (13.3 mm) of the size it was on Tuesday of last week (9.3 mm) when I went to the doctor. This visit was an unexpected one thanks to mommy's grace! The skittle's heart is doing great so the doctor says there are no concerns! (I secretly think the baby likes having his/her picture taken and that is why I keep having to get ultrasounds!) 3 pictures in the first 2 months is unheard of, but don't be alarmed (s)he's just a little self involved at the moment you know wanting show mommy and daddy the cool thing (s)he can do like grow an appendix, liver, neurological system, the beginning of know? the usual!

Baby's First "Trip" to the Hospital

So our vacation to Miami was great. We ate our way through the town, walked every where, and spent plenty of time in the ocean. The last day we were there it rained all day, thanks to lovely Claudette! So Mike and I decided to go to a magic show as our finale to the trip. We ordered tickets in advance where we would be seated in one of the first 4 rows.

About an hour before the show it stopped raining so Mike and I decided to walk at least part of the way. About a block and a half from the hotel we were staying at Michael told me to walk carefully and tell him if I didn't feel comfortable walking on the wet sidewalk. Well, about 30 seconds after he said this (and walking around high water to avoid slipping) I slipped when the sidewalk turned from concrete to asphalt. I fell butt first and then apparently hit my head, but didn't know it. Since I was in a driveway Michael helped me to my feet so I could walk to a bench out of harms way. As luck would have it I passed out as soon…

Meet our Skittle!

August 11, 2009 our first picture of our baby (although it's technically the baby's second picture)

Michael and I went to the doctor in the morning and were lucky enough to SEE (not hear) our baby's heartbeat for the first time. The heartbeat was strong. Other than that we were informed I am 6 weeks, 6 days pregnant!
If you can't find the baby, (or smushed skittle as Michael described him) look for the plus sign on each side.
*Interesting fact: the baby is approximately the size of a skittle!

Meeting the Skittle

It all started with a little red Skittle one July 31, 2009. Mike and I went to the doctor because a digital test said "pregnant". We were told we would see our baby for the first time at our first appointment. After the doctor searched for a few minutes he found a small circle and showed it to us on the screen. The doctor printed the picture but did not give us a copy (to my despair), he said we would get a copy whenever he saw a heartbeat.
We were relieved to know there really was a baby in there and that in about 7 1/2 months we would be beaming parents. Once we left Michael asked me to text his best friend and inform him we were having a Skittle! Ever since then our future child has been referred to as our little red (why is it red....only Michael knows!) Skittle.