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A Letter to Gabby About GiGi McIlroy

Gabrielle, your Gigi was very sick, so Mommy took a week off of work and Daddy drove two hours each way to work every day so that we could be there to visit her at the hospital every day.  You looked at Gigi through the window and Daddy visited her every day and talked to her even though she was sleeping. Sadly, on Wednesday after everyone prayed with Gigi she left this world.  The good news is she is now in heaven with your great grandpa.  Although you will no longer grow up with your Gigi around, Daddy and I wanted to make sure you know how much she loves you.  So here is a little of your Gigi's spectacular life story.

Your Gigi was named Mary Nell and your great grandpa's name was Ross.  They were married December 27, 1944. They loved each other very much and had two children, your Grandpa, and Great Uncle Kenneth.  Your Gigi raised Grandpa and Great Uncle Kenneth in Austin in the house, they saved up for and paid cash for, that they built. Gigi lived there from the time th…

Lila is Lost

Michael had to go out of town Wednesday night to go to a Texans versus the Cowboys in Dallas with his dad and brother-in-law, Lee.  Gabby and I decided to leave and have a slumber party at my parent's house with GiGi and Aunt Lisa as well.  I put out plenty of food and water for Lila to make it until the next night when I got off of work.  Well, we ended up getting home around 9:00 and luckily Gabby was already asleep so I put her straight to bed to ensure she had enough sleep for school today.  Then I started to look for Lila. I saw that no food had been eaten and litter box was still clean. I started calling her name opening (and leaving open) every closet and cabinet door, the washer, the dryer, you name it I did it! I kept calling her in the front and back yard as well shaking her favorite toy.  Nothing.  I looked in the garage repeatedly and cracked it. I put food and water out as well.  Poor kitty was missing and I did not want to be the one to tell Gabby.  I started to hav…