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Slumber Party and 5 years of Love

On Saturday Mommy and Daddy celebrated their 5th anniversary (although Friday was officially 5 years).  Michael has always promised me an eternity band for our 5th anniversary; however, I got something much better, although early...Gabby!! Michael also had a plaque made for the brick from our wedding it said:
"The Brick" The Brick represent our first 5 years of marriage. It symbolizes the foundation on which we build our life. As long as we can keep our foundation strong, We will have a long and prosperous life together.
This was a very sweet and romantic gift, the first thing Michael has ever written for me! At about 4:00 we dropped Gabby off for her first slumber party ever! We went home, got ready and went to Pappasitos to celebrate our anniversary, while I am sure Gabby entertained Grandma with her newest discovery...her feet; although she doesn't realize they are her feet!  She stares intently at them, waits for them to come within arms reach, and then pounces!  After a …