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Gabby's 3rd Birthday!

Wow, Gabby is officially 3, can you believe we've been blessed to have her in our lives this long?! Being the opinionated verbose little girl she is, Gabby planned her own birthday.  Every time we talked about her birthday I would ask her what she wanted at her birthday and she would say, "pink, hearts, and farkles (sparkles)."  I thought that would be easy so I started doing research to get inspired.  In January she became obsessed with ballerinas so I decided to have a ballerina at her birthday party (to also solidify potty training motivation for no more accidents)! Once I mentioned it to her there was no going back. Then, the week before her birthday she added she needed flowers, pink lemonade, and balloons at her birthday as well.  I know we spoil her, but why not? She is a very grateful, loving angel and it's a day to celebrate her (as if we don't do this every day).

Grandma helped/made all of the decorations for the party.  Every picture I had pinned she …