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"Picnic" End of Year Program

Gabby performed her first play for all of the parents to celebrate the end of kindergarten.  She even had a speaking part and was very excited that it had so many lines.  She nailed it too!  After Mommy and Daddy enjoyed her performance where all of the kindergartners sang songs (Gabby's favorite: "Be a Lady), we accompanied her for a picnic.  It was a precious day.  Gabby and her classmates practiced for over a month to perfect their performances and the results were adorable!

Two weeks and Gabby will officially have completed her first year of "real" school.   How does time fly so fast? She has learned to read over 40 words, can do simple addition, she can count by 10's, 5's, and count to 100.  She also has a vocabulary that is in the 99th percentile (meaning she has a vocabulary better than 99% of her age matched peers).