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Halloween With Harry Potter & Hermione

This year was an exciting year.  We were lucky enough for Corbin to come down and celebrate Halloween with us! We even checked Gabby out of school an hour and a half early to make the most of such a fun and exciting day.  Gabby had chosen to be Hermione from Harry Potter and Corbin was obsessed with both Willy Wonka and Harry Potter so his Mommy bought him both costumes because he kept insisting he was going to be Willy Wonka, but Nanny knew that he would change his mind when he saw Gabby's costume...and she was right! Corbin did decide to be Harry Potter which went perfectly with Gabby's costume, what luck!

On the morning of Halloween we all (Grandma, Nanny, Corbin, Mommy, Daddy, Papa & Gabby) awoke early to take Gabby to school and watch her school's costume parade.  This was the most magical event for Corbin, all of the kids everywhere and all in different costumes, it was magical! Gabby always loves the parade and this year was extra special because her teacher fr…