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Pictures Worth a Thousand Words

Our summer was wonderful, but we were so busy I did not have a lot of time to write about all of the adventures we had.  Hopefully these photos give you a good indication of all of the fun we had.  Beyond these photos, Gabby attended preschool two days a week (while Mommy worked), Kumon two days a week,  tumbling once a week, and dance once a week. Every day after preschool we played at the indoor playground for an hour with her friends.  We tried to take advantage and spend the weekends with family or just the three of us swimming or making memories in some other fun way.  Here are some favorite photos from this summer:

Survived the First Week of School!

Gabby's first week of school went very well for Gabby. Here is a summary of the highlights that I am sure I will want to look back on and laugh about one day.

Day 1:

The first day of school Gabby didn't have much to say about her day.  She told me that her teacher is much nicer than she thought she would be! I think this day was more difficult on me than her. Grandma and I took her for ice cream to celebrate all of us surviving the first day!

Day 2:
Gabby begged to buy her lunch on the second day of school.  Michael and I told her that it was a special treat to buy her lunch (the food isn't very healthy) but that we would allow her to choose one day each week.  So Michael and I loaded money on her lunch account and she bought her lunch.  She had cheese pizza and said it was delicious!  If buying her lunch allows her to expand her very picky palate I will encourage the once a week buying!

After school Gabby had tumbling.  So we came home and had a snack and then headed to…

First Day of Kindergarten!

Today Gabby officially became a kindergartner! Gabby woke up bright and early and was so very excited about her first day.  She helped Daddy make a smoothie and drank it while eating a waffle and watching cartoons.  Then Mommy curled her hair and helped her get dressed in the kitty dress she bought for the first day of school.  Mommy presented Gabby with a small heart necklace that fits inside Mommy's big heart necklace, that way when we missed each other we could just touch our necklace and know they are in each other's hearts always.  

We took a few pictures (all included in this blog) and then the three of us headed to school.  We arrived at Gabby's school and she lead us straight to her classroom.  When we arrived to my surprise we were the last to arrive! Everyone was already seated and the teacher was about to start the lesson, so Gabby settled in quickly and started attending to the teacher before Mommy and Daddy even left the room (she is such a mature little girl…

Pre-Game Fun!

Michael and I decided to take a little time to celebrate Gabby before she started school.  We had a lot of fun spoiling her and taking her to do special things

Grandma and Grandpa drove her to the lake house while so she could squeeze out every minute of fun possible that weekend.  Mommy waited for Daddy to get off of work and then we went and got wood for the tree house and arrived very late that night.

Daddy finished putting up the hand rails all the way around the tree house with a little help from Gabby. Gabby took at least four rides on the boat and even swam in the lake.  She loved every moment of the time at the lake house!

The day after we arrived home from the lake house was a fun day as well.  Gabby swam and played with friends all day long.  Then it was time to go to the Texans pre-season game with Daddy.  Gabby fell asleep on the way to the football game because she had too much fun all day long. Daddy and Gabby watched one quarter of the game while drinking Sprite and ea…

A Skate Date

Michael and my Godson had his birthday party the day before his birthday at a skating rink.  Gabby has been begging to go to the skate she was so excited to see Aiden and Addison and to skate!!  Gabby still requires a 'walker' when skating, but this time she has improved significantly since last year when we went to the skating rink.  She did not need help and when she fell she helped herself up and never cried.  She kept up with the big kids and skated more than anyone else.  This girl plays hard!