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Family Reunion!

A long weekend so we had a Welcome Home celebration for Mark and his family.  Grandma and Grandpa came in from Dallas to see Uncle Mark's family since they are officially moved back and Texans! We loved getting to see the girls and visit with Mark and Danielle. The girls were shy but warmed up quickly when we went swimming and had a yummy BBQ dinner. We are so blessed to have the family in one state now. Gabby will hopefully have a close relationship with all of her cousins.

Easter 2014

Nanny surprised us by arriving the day before Easter and we convinced her to stay and celebrate the holiday with us!  Michael, Gabby, and I went to church Saturday night and we ended up leaving early because it was the Easter Vigil which meant they were baptizing and confirming hundreds of people.  Gabby really enjoyed church and cried when we left but it was almost 10:00 PM and she fell asleep on the way home. We set out some water and carrot for the Easter Bunny as directed by Miss Gabrielle. Then we called it a night.

Easter was the best one ever in my opinion.  Sorry I am writing this so long after the holiday, but there is a very very good reason.  Stay tuned.  Easter started like any typical Easter, Gabby following a trail of chocolate Easter eggs leading to her overflowing Easter basket.  Easter was basically like Christmas gift wise.  The Easter Bunny gave her a very small doll house with a girl hidden in all of the Easter eggs that she hunted.

While getting ready Easter mor…