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First Day of 1st Grade!

Today is Gabby's first day of school as a first grader! Can you believe it?! How has my baby grown up so quickly and right before my eyes? She was very excited last night, but woke up saying she was "scared".  I explained that we are all nervous on the first day of school.  She needed lots of hugs this morning, but fell right back into the school routine.  

Luckily she is filled with a classroom full of friends and was welcomed by a very kind teacher.  Hopefully this is the beginning of a great school year building her confidence and making friends while also learning a little bit.  I am also excited about the school year because not that the business is more established I get to work less and go back to being Mommy full-time and worker part-time. Gabby is excited for more one on one time as well.

I have faith that this is going to be a  year of fun for Gabby.  She has already insisted that she must ride the bus home daily because that's more time with her friends. …