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Quotes of the Day

So I have been collecting funny quotes Gabby says for over a year.  I thought I would share some of the things that come out of her mouth to cheer up your day:

Gabby went to Old MacDonald's Farm and a goat kept trying to eat her food and she would say, "No, not you! Bambi!"Gabby was in trouble and I started counting to three and she interupted and said, "No. 1, 2, 3. You go to timeout!""Wait Grandma, I have to tell you something.  Tell Papa he has a fat tummy."Me: "Gabby, you need to try to go potty." Gabby: "That's not a choice."""I got trouble news, I can't reach my make-up.""I go marry Ranger.""Daddy my favorite big friend.  You my favorite short friend."Me: "Do you want to exercise?"Gabby: "No, my back hurts."Blakeleigh was born and I told Gabby. Her response- "Aww how cute.  The baby come out her tummy? I want to hold her.""You broke my feelings Mom.…



I am overly concerned about Gabby being on level (or actually above) when she starts Kindergarten.  Basically I want her to be above everyone in hopes that she will get into a bilingual program they have at another school (even though her name will just be put in a lottery for a spot).  The good news is, she was recently accepted into a preschool that is just three hours a week and one day.  She is so excited to start school, and I am excited for her.  All she ever does every day is beg to play with friends, so Michael and I chose "school" over dance for this semester.  She is already able to identify over 5 letters.

Vacation Finale

Grandma and Papa asked if they could see Gabby and even allowed us a date night.  Gabby spent the night at their house.  When we woke up Sunday morning Michael and I headed to the Woodlands to see my friend, Genny, and her new house....and pick up a kitty.  Her house was lovely, Michael and I enjoyed a day just the two of us and Gabby was surprised with a new kitty.

We carried the cat into Grandma and Papa's house in a carrier, but instantly Gabby exclaimed a kitty! There was no fooling her for even half a second.  Nanny even Face Timed to see Gabby's reaction.  When we asked her what we should name the kitty she said Sheldon.  When we explained that this was a girl cat and she needed a different name Gabby said she wanted to name her Ila.  I wasn't too sure about where she'd heard that name so we settled on Lila.  A funny story, the next week we were watching The 12 Dancing Princesses, and one of the princesses is named "Ila."

I wasn't too sure about ge…

"Great" Vacation

Thursday we left for the only true "vacation" part of our vacation.  We woke up, packed up, and started our 5 hour trek to the Great Wolf Lodge.  The trip was uneventful, Gabby did not really understand where we were going.  When we arrived Gabby instantly became excited simply by seeing the gigantic wolf statues that greet you at the entrance of the over filled Lodge parking lot.  Once inside, Michael and I became impressed.  The indoor waterpark was amazing! Far more to do than I think either of us truly expected.  We all became very excited. 

Once we checked in and saw our amazing room, Daddy was kind enough to let Gabby and I go directly to the waterpark while he unloaded the car (which took about an hour because the place was so packed).  Gabby was overwhelmed by the water at first, but quickly warmed up to it.  She played in the little kid area, enjoying the slide and squirting water on Mommy.  Daddy joined us and we played in the wave pool (which was Gabby's fav…