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Gabby's Favorite Holiday

Gabby loves flags and fireworks, so the 4th of July is officially her favorite holiday. This year Michael and I had her all to ourselves to celebrate and we really enjoyed indulging her every whim.  We started the day off by running late but making it just in time for Gabby's to ride in a wagon with her friend Alex in a small parade in a friend's neighborhood. 
It was only a 15 minute walk and the kids seemed to really enjoy waving to all of the people sitting on their front lawns watching the parade go by.
At the end of the parade there was a bounce house, sno cones, and hamburgers we all enjoyed while the kids played.  Once we arrived home Gabby was exhausted so we relaxed and watched a movie while we cooled down and then it was nap time.  
When Gabby woke from her nap we had a "surprise" for her (she loves surprises so I try to have one almost every day when she wakes from her nap).  Michael blew up a pool and filled it with water for her to swim in when she woke…


Today while playing on Pinterest I accidentally ran across this little quip.

I laughed and then naturally Googled "misophonia." Jokingly I started reading the symptoms and discovered I have almost all of the symptoms except social repression. To my despair Michael diagnosed me with the disorder and informed me that blinking too loud is impossible, being annoyed by being awakened by the stirring of coffee is not normal, and that biting your fork when eating dinner is not the end of the world.

It is a sad day in the McIlroy house (for me at least) Michael is happy to know he has proof that I am crazy. We've always known we were a dangerous combination because he is deaf and LOUD and I have super sonic hearing and I like my quiet. Despite our 'disorders' we are probably still one o the most in love and happy couples you will meet.

There is no cure or treatment for misophonia. As of 5 minutes ago I informed Lacey that she and I will create the treatment and becom…

Family Rules Posted for All to Follow

Since we moved in our new house I have been looking for pictures to decorate the two niches we have. I cannot find anything I love to put in them, because everything seems so impersonal. I was at my friend Natalie's house one day and she had just hung a small 'Family Rules' framed photograph she found at the store. Her decorating skills were my inspiration for my latest crafting attempt.

In case you are interested in making something similar here are the steps:

1. Download the free fonts you like,
I downloaded all of my free fonts from (thank you Lacey for introducing me to this website) and another website I cannot recall. I am sorry.  Here are the fonts I used and their names: