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You Win Some, You Lose Some

Sunday night was a good night and a bad night! I enjoyed going to a friend's baby shower and then seeing Genny, one of my closest friends. Then I went over to my parents to cheer for the Saints and eat burgers. The Saints won!!! We were all very excited to celebrate the Super Bowl bound Saints! Then after cheering and celebrating Mike and I came home and went straight to sleep. That was the end of the good day...

Around 11:30 I began being very sick! At 12:30 I called and woke my doctor explaining that I had been vomiting for an hour straight. I woke Michael as I began talking to the doctor handing Michael a list of my symptoms and throwing the phone at him (poor guy was disoriented, having no clue what was going on) so I could return to the porcelian throane. We were instructed to go to the hospital immediately. Michael said it was a good dry run (which we were not prepared for at all!). We made it into Labor and Delivery in 35 minutes without speeding or anything. I g…

Gabby in 3-D

Her face, and her nose won't be that wide!

Licking her wrist

Gabby's 5 fingers ....being shy

Ten minutes before the appointment I drank a Code Red Mountain Dew before going to the ultrasound today. It was like drinking straight cherry juice but somehow I managed to keep it all down! This was our second try to see the baby and it was semi-successful. Rather than having two feet and two hands in front of her face the whole time while hiding in the placenta, she had ONE hand at all times on her face and was using the placenta as a pillow. My parents went with us and although we never really got a clear view of her face it was nice to see our little contortionist! I am guessing she is going to really like gymnastics!

Maternity Photos (29 Weeks)

Babies are Unpredictable!

Mike and I learned a fun lesson about children. They are unpredictable! On Saturday Mike and I had an appointment to have a 3-D ultrasound, just for the fun of seeing her one more time before she is born. My grandma and two aunts drove in from Louisiana for this 15 minute event.

When we got to the place that conducts the ultrasounds we were all excited. Everyone settled in and got comfortable while the lady started in a 2-D ultrasound trying to figure out where Gabby was and what the best point of view would be. We quickly figured out that our little girl was being camera shy. She had both of her knees covering her face and her arms on the side of her ears. She was hardly letting us have a peek of any part of her face! The ultrasound technician tried pushing on my stomach hoping to agitated her and move her, but she refused. Then we tried toe touches, holding my breath, leaning over....basically anything the tech could think of but it was no use. We only accomplished having G…

Interesting Fact

Today I went to the doctor for my now bi-weekly appointment. This is only the second time he has gotten out a measuring tape and measured my engorged stomach. My boss was talking about how interesting it is when they measure I asked my doctor about it today and it's true! Whenever you are in your 20 something week and further along until very close to the end of pregnancy the number of centimeters from your pelvic bone to the top of your uterus should approximately be the same as the number of weeks pregnant you are. This week I was 28 centimeters and I am 28 weeks! So Gabrielle is right on schedule.

New Year's Resolutions

Most people make resolutions at the beginning of the year for whatever reason. I personally do not believe in the New Year's resolutions because how does the first day of a new year change anything? I thought I would be funny though and tell you Mike and my plan (which we have been working towards since September). By the end of the summer we hope to have my car paid off (3 years early). For a more typical resolutions...I plan to lose 25 pounds by Jan. 1, 2011! I laugh when saying this because I think it's going to be a very simple goal, but I will be very angry with myself if this is not the case.

What does any of this have to do with the baby? Well...obviously having the baby will help me lose the weight and paying off the car will mean I have to work less so that I can spend more time with our little angel. Hopefully by the time we have our second child I will not HAVE to work, I will only work because I want to.