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Dentist Visit

I have been dreading this day for months. I am lucky that Michael was off to help  me endure taking our baby girl to get her cavity in her tooth filled.  We arrived at 10:00 a.m. promptly and checked in; however, our appointment was not recorded on the schedule.  I asked if I could just speak to a dentist for five minutes regarding my options because I was not interested in sedation as recommended.  They ended up squeezing us in and using nothing but  laughing gas to correct the issue.  I freaked out the entire time they had her in the room; any time I heard another child cry or yell out I freaked out.  The secretary was kind enough to go and look in the room and tell me what was going on when I freaked.  After my and Micheal's 30 minutes of agony waiting for Gabby we walked into the room to a smiley baby girl who pushed out of the way to continue watching "Tangled."  She never mentioned the dentist after the visit.  When we tried to ask her questions about it she would…

Totally Fun Tuesday

Vacation Has Begun!

So this year we are not taking a true vacation, but we both took a week off of work to enjoy some family time.  We kicked our vacation off by going to a housewarming party and a wedding on Saturday.

 On Sunday, we went to the Ringling Brother's Circus, which was an all day event.  We saw the animals before the show. Then we watched various "side show" performances before the show began.  Gabby even went to the center ring with a bunch of other children and learned a new dance by one of the performers.  She really seemed to enjoy the show, she never took her eyes off of the performances, except to eat cotton candy of course. The cotton candy caused her to be unable to sit still in her seat.  Michael described her as a can of soda who had been shaken up, which is an appropriate description.  We really enjoyed our weekend of making memories and I hope to update every few days while we are on vacation to share our adventures.