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Two and a Half!

It has been far too long since I've written because Gabby has been keeping me busy (not to mention Mike being gone more means I am busier all around).  Today to celebrate Gabby's 2 1/2 year mark I will give you a little insight into the milestones she has met:
Gabby can snip paperShe talks constantly in complete sentences: "Mommy you my best friend. Come here and play with me!" were her phrases of the dayThe funnies words she says: peanut butter, balloon...basically anything with an "l" in itGabby can ride a tricycleGabby can navigate and i-phone, find her apps, and play themGabby can put on her own socks and shoesShe can eat with a spoon and fork without any helpShe can color with paperShe can count to 11She knows all of her shapesShe know how to spell stopShe can pick up after her own spills (when she wants to)She has an imaginationShe knows words that I have never said to herShe can do basic puzzlesShe can problem solve without helpShe makes her own joke…