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Blakeleigh's 1st Birthday

Gabby and I went to Louisiana to spend the night with Gigi. We had a great time just visiting with her and playing with the super colorful bubbles that were gigantic. Gabby helped Gigi feed the birds and we watched them eat.  Then Gabby and Great Aunt Lisa played in the yard while I sat on the porch visiting with Gigi watching the sunset.  No visit to Gigi's is complete without a delicious Cajun roast and rice and gravy dinner that we all enjoyed.  We laughed and played with Gabby.  Then once she went to bed Grandma and I reminisced about the good ole days.  It was a very fun visit.

The next morning it was time to get read to go to Blakeleigh's first birthday party.  The party didn't start until 2:00; however, Gigi was too anxious and we arrived by 12:30 but had to wait until 2:00 for Miss Blakeleigh to wake from her nap.  Gigi really enjoyed playing with Sadie, another baby at the party, and Gabby even got a turn hold the sweet nine month old baby girl.

The party was bun…

Flower Child


The Friday before Gabby's birthday by some miracle, Michael managed to get off of work a few hours early so we could go to the rodeo with Grandma and Papa.  We arrived at the rodeo early enough for parking to not be a hassle and had plenty of sunlight left for Gabby to enjoy the Ag Farm. She "planted" seeds, "milked" a cow, "fed" the chickens, "sheared" a sheep, and sold all I her produce for some money and bought some cracker with her money.

Then she saw some newborn farm animals and watched some baby chicks hatch and take their first steps, which she found to be the highlight of her entire rodeo experience.  Finally we went to watch the rodeo.  She was highly interested for oh, about 5 minutes.  Then she enjoyed some cotton candy, peanuts, and a few walks around the stadium with Daddy.  She stayed up extremely late and seemed to enjoy listening to Keith Urban.  She sat in Grandma's lap and danced.  Grandma told Gabby that Keith Urban …

March 17, 2014

Here is a glimpse of Gabby's actual birthday.  It was a day all about Gabby.  We played All. Day. Long. We had lunch with Daddy, visited Grandma, and opened a few gifts, played in the sandbox, rode her bike, and ate cake.  It was a fun and busy day planned by Miss 4 Year Old herself. Daddy had to work late (to ensure he'd be off the day of her birthday party), but that was okay because it meant Gabby got to stay up until 10:00 to make sure she had some Daddy time too.  Gabby thought it was a great day!

Gabby's 4th Birthday Party