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Gabby 6 months

Gabby is growing up so very fast.  I cannot believe she has been a blessing in my world for half a year already!  She went to the doctor today for shots and I was talking to the doctor and he informed me that 6 to 9 months are the funnest time with a baby.  So far I have to agree! She surprises me so many times a week now.  Her brain is a sponge she quickly catches on to new things every day! So far she can babble "mamamama" "wawawawa" '"dadadada," she has a great sense of humor and only people who are not holding her are funny, and she can push buttons to turn her toys on.  Such a smartie pants! She loves to be scared, by someone saying 'boo,' she loves to hang upside down, she loves to playing with anything that crinkles, she loves Stiffy, she loves her mommy and daddy, she loves every food she has tried with the exception of sweet potatoes, she loves to eat her feet, she loves to making the Indian sounds, she loves to try to do things on h…