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Gabrielle's Dictionary

So here are some of Gabby's common words/phrases and their meaning:

Show- She wants to watch a television program or movie
Elmo on- This could mean she actually wants to watch Elmo or she would like to watch Nemo.  We make her clarify and she will expand by saying "fish" if she means Nemo.
Show me- Usually she will grab your hand and want to take you to see something or play with her some where
Mere- Come here
Beast- Beauty and the Beast
Money money-She found money it could be a coin or paper money they are equally exciting to her
Pig noise: Could mean she wants to put money in her piggy bank, play with her piggy bank by taking the money out and putting it back in or that she would like to watch Peppa Pig.  (She'll usually clarify by saying money or Peppa if you don't have a context to figure it out)
Bye-Bye: Just the cutest phrase she has because of the way she says it and usually follows it by "wuv you"
Scuse me- Means excuse me. She will say this with no prom…


Gabby has a new obsession and Michael keep trying to help me feel better about it, but it still makes me worry I am not giving her everything she needs.  She LOVES watching "shows" as she calls them.  She would watch television all day if we allowed her to.  Not just any shows she has favorites (Barney, Peppa Pig, Dinosaur Train, Elmo), but her all time favorite at the moment is Beauty and the Beast also know as "Beast!"  Her first words to me yesterday when she woke up were, "Beast, show show!"  Not good morning or hi but Beast! It's adorable to watch her watch the show she dances and tries to sing the songs, but her attentions span isn't long enough for the entire movie so Michael and I see the beginning and the very end all of the time, but never the middle.  I am hoping that she will come away with a few good concepts from watching this movie over and over: reading books is awesome and makes you smart and pretty according to the movie, don'…

Happy Valentine's Day!

Gabby has a gift from her Nanny and G.G. waiting to be opened this morning.  Thank you both for the thoughtful gifts! It will make her Valentine's Day special.  She will have a second Valentine's Day when Michael and I celebrate with her in a few weekends.

P.S. I you are curious I made this free on Picasa. I just took a picture and added the hearts and made it look like a Polaroid to have plenty of room for my personalized message.  If you want you little one to "blow kisses" make it a fun game.  Gabby is actually blowing a leaf out of her hand.

Bedtime Routine

Gabby has a very special bedtime routine and we seem to have finally gotten back into the groove after a month or two of wanting to stay up and having a tantrum at bedtime each night.  After Gabby's dinner and bath we go into the living room, lay her down with a specific pillow, blanket, and of course Meow.  She chooses a show and then we play the show while we all sit in the living room and watch it.  Then she drinks milk and watches her show for about 20 minutes.  Some nights we read books when we arrive in her room and other nights we do not (it depends on what time it is).  When she walks into her room she yells moon.  Aunt Lisa gave her this really cool frog that projects blue stars and a moon on the walls and ceiling. First Gabby touches the moon and the she chooses various stars she would like to touch.  Her favorite time is when Michael lifts her up high and lets her touch the stars on the ceiling.  Then while she is laughing we both give her kisses and then lay her in the…

Sick Days

Last night Gabby began getting even sicker than she had been and she was kind enough to pass the germs to Mommy.  About an hour after we laid her down she woke up crying hysterically.  Since I wasn't feeling well either she and I laid in bed and watched "Peppa Pig" (per her request) while Daddy was kind enough to make her milk, go the garage search for the humidifier, clean it, fill it, fix it because it wasn't working and set it up in her room.  We watched Peppa for about an hour and then I put her back in bed because Michael and I were falling asleep but Gabby was not.  When I laid her down she told me "night night, bye!" and blew me a kiss. 

About 3:30 in the morning she woke up again (I was already awake feeling terrible so I was anticipating this occurrence) because her pain medicine wore off.  I went and got her, laid her in our bed, gave her medicine and decided to let her stay in our bed until she fell back to sleep, which usually takes until the p…