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Rainy Day Fun

My favorite picture. She's really enjoying that cone!
So nothing really exciting to report.  Gabby and I are watching a tiny baby named Kit on my days off for a month and so I am trying to take advantage of every moment Gabby and I are alone so she has fun and doesn't feel neglected.  Today we had to run a few errands before the baby came over and Gabby some how decided she needed ice cream and for some reason I caved.  I guess because it's rainy and I didn't have any other great fun ideas.  We sat on the porch and watched the rain and ate ice cream.  Apparently this made for an awesome morning for Gabrielle. A mini ice cream cone was the best investment I've made in a long time! I will never forget watching the rain and giggling with Gabby for an hour on the front porch.
 I love this sweet girl!
 Praise the ice cream!  It's not good unless the proof is on your face.
 Gabby thinks the self timer on our camera in awesome.

Good Friday

Good Friday Michael, Gabby and I dyed Easter eggs.  This was a very exciting experience for Gabby.  She wanted to dye them the moment I mentioned dying eggs. I guess she knew it would be exciting because I described it to her that it's like painting. So then the entire time Michael and I were setting up: laying newspaper on the table, putting the tablets in the cups to make the dye, and waiting (forever!) for the eggs to cool enough for her to dye them.  Gabby dyed eggs at first by putting the egg inside a whisk and dipping the egg in the cups, but that wasn't fun for her.  She decided the only way to dye eggs was by picking up an egg and dropping it up from very high and splashing it into a cup of dye. Surprisingly most of the eggs survived their dive into the cups. Once Gabby was bored with dying eggs, she literally ate three entire eggs yolks and all! When Gabby was finished dying eggs she was very concerned about her hands, which were this terrible dark orange/brown.  She …

"The Duck Pond"

Okay so maybe that isn't the actual name of a "Peppa Pig" episode, but it at least sounds like the title of an episode.  Gabby's favorite show is "Peppa" and I told Mike about one when day Gabby found a piece of toy bread that looks exactly like the french bread Peppa is always feeding the ducks in her show and she was feeding it to her rubber duck.  The moment I told Michael this we decided that it was necessary to get the exact type of bread and take Gabby to feed ducks.

Sunday was finally the day! The sun was shining and the weather was perfect so I told Michael I wanted to take Gabby to feed ducks. We picked up 4 small loaves of french bread and Michael found the perfect place to feed ducks.  There were literally probably around 50 ducks in all.

On the way to the duck pond Gabby watched all of the Peppa episodes (we downloaded them and put them on the portable DVD player) where Peppa feeds ducks to get her extra excited.  (Yes I know we are awesome/ner…