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Little Fish

Gabby went in the pool for her first time on June 19th in the afternoon.  Michael and I were very excited that we had a controlled environment so Gabby's first experience would be positive (we tried on vacation to let her sit in a 1 foot pool but a kid intentionally splashed her so we left before she even touched the water).  The swim event was so controlled that Grandma (McIlroy) even warmed the pool to 98 degrees to be sure that Gabby would be comfortable and not too cold in the water.  Michael held her first in the water, but he was uncomfortable holding the wiggle worm so I held her.  She enjoyed the the water, but wouldn't even kick her feet.  She was put under the water twice for a second and she hated it.  She screamed for a good four or five minutes before calming completely, but we kept her in the pool a little longer to make sure we ended her swimming experience on a positive note.  I think she "swam" for about thirty minutes total (which is a significant p…

Happy Father's Day

Michael celebrated his first Father's Day in Dallas with his family.  Gabby wore an adorable onsie that Michale's mom made that said "Happy Father's Day" and "I love Daddy."  Michael and I aren't really gift people so he got a golf towl that said "World's Greatest Dad" and a framed picture of him and Gabby.  After opening gifts we went to lunch to surprise my friend Erin (who cried, she was so excited to see us and meet Gabby).  Then we finally got to see our friends Brendon and Priscilla's new house, which was beautiful.  It was wonderful getting to see them all we've really missed them.  It was a simple Father's Day but I think Michael enjoyed it.

Emma's Curiosity

Emma was very funny during our visit.  Wherever Gabby was Emma was no further than one step behind.  If the baby was crying she was stuffing her pacifier in her mouth trying to calm her.  If she seemed bored in the swing Emma was giving Gabby her toy and adding more if Gabby still fussed.  If Gabby had a dirty diaper, Emma was there to supervise that it was changed correctly.  If Gabby was changing clothes Emma was there to assist with the buttons.  If Gabby wore pig tales, by George, Emma was going to have pig tails too.  They were inseperable during our visit which had its benifits and downfalls because when Gabby was hungry Emma wanted to help feed her.  Since I am nursing Gabby I would go into the room to feed her.  I would tell Gabby that it was time for Gabby to eat so she needed to go see mommy and leave the door closed.  Emma said okay and walked out.  About thirty seconds later Emma walked in the room and was perplexed.  She asked me where the bottle was.  I told her that Ga…

Meeting the McIlroy Clan

Gabby once again got to be a celebrity this weekend.  She took her longest trip ever, 4 and a half hours and she was an angel the entire trip.  We only had to stop once to feed her.  We are so blessed that she is such an amazing little girl.  Once in Dallas she got to meet a lot of very special people: her Aunt Sharon, her cousin Emma, her Uncle Lee, her Great Grandma McIlroy and her second cousin Leslie and Michael.
Sharon informed everyone before she arrived that Gabby was hers for the weekend and she wasn't sharing (although she really did share her).  Aunt Sharon just found out that she was pregnant a few weeks before meeting Gabby, which made the bonding experience even more special.  Lee even seemed to really be interested in Gabby. He even admitted that he really enjoyed getting to bond with Gabby. I think it has a lot to do with his little bun in the oven.

Emma wanted to hold Gabby at any opportunity she could find.  For example, one morning she woke up and walked into t…

Back to Work

Being back at work really isn't that bad because I am being broken in slowly.  Luckily I have gotten to take long lunches to go see Gabby to feed her and love on her.  It makes the days bearable.  I am even more LUCKY because Grandma (Montie) gets to watch her so I know she is being loved, spoiled, and taken care of very well.  I do not worry about her at Grandma's and honestly it's sort of nice being back at work.  I feel like I awakened a part of me that has been sleeping since Gabby was born.  I guess I feel like "me" again because work is the same as it was before Gabby, when nothing else in my life is.  I love my new life of being a Mommy, but it's nice to still feel like the old me too. Don't get me wrong, if I was rich enough I would stay home with Gabby full time until she was in school.

The Dreaded Day...

Tomorrow is my first day back to work.  That means 10 hours tomorrow without my baby! I think that this is going to be much harder on me than her, because she loves her grandma and will be spoiled all day by her grandma and Great Aunt Ellen.  I hope that I don't cry all day and I am sure Gabby won't cry at all. Wish me luck and Michael luck. He will pick her up when he gets off work, which will be the most father/daughter quality time they will have had together.


We had the most amazing and most successful day yesterday.  It all started at 6:30 when I got out of bed, got dressed, made final touches on cleaning the house, and then Michael woke up.  Once I was ready Gabby woke up and we fed her to make sure she had a full tummy and was happy, which of course she was. By 8:30 the photographer was here and he set up his traveling studio in my breakfast area.  Gabby had a two hour photo shoot where we constantly were changing her positions and outfits (I swear she had at least 8 to 10 wardrobe changes that day).  Somehow Gabby managed to smile throughout the entire process and she never complained more than a few moments even though we interrupted her nap time. Then Gabby was passed around from one family member to another, until it was time to go to the church at 1:30.  She took a few "cat naps" throughout the day, but never got her beauty sleep.  Once at the church, we sat down along with 19 other families.  (When I initially learned t…