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Gabby has been wanting to be a Girl Scout for about two years now.  Finally, this year she is a Daisy.  She has had two meetings so far and she's loved both of them.  Gabby is lucky enough to have three troop leaders who were in Girl Scouts almost their entire school career.  Gabby and the kids love the troop and seem to really be becoming friends.  I love how passionate she is about her troop.  Today they received their vests and the patches and pins with their troop information.  She has been trying to wear it to school. I informed her it's only for Daisy related stuff.

Today they got to dress up in their Halloween costumes, play leap frog, practice the Pledge of Allegiance, do a craft, read books and laugh with friends.  She is already learning independence and it's great to see her flourish in friendships.  

Lake House Day

This weekend we went to Grandma and Papa's lake house and it was quite eventful.  Gabby adores the lake house and begs to go there constantly.  Once there is mention of the lake house there is no backing out, so even though Daddy drove over 2000 miles for work during the week (traveling every single day of the week) we agreed to go.

This weekend Daddy got off of work a little early on Friday and then the three of us headed to the lake house where Aunt Ellen, Grandma, and Papa were waiting for us.  We arrived around 9:30 and stayed up until 11:00 visiting with Gabby snuggling with Aunt Ellen the entire time.  When we awoke the next morning Gabby was so excited.  She just wanted to play outside, so her and Papa rode in the golf cart and visited with family.  

We had a lot to squeeze in in one day.  We took some Halloween photos, celebrated Mom's belated birthday, fished, made s'mores, played in the tree house, and took a boat ride.  Gabby stated that her favorite part of t…