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Halloween & Another Kitty Costume

Halloween this year was a whirlwind.  I had plans. Big plans, but life happens and plans change. Gabby had early release on Wednesday and Thursday this week.  We had every moment scheduled, but our schedule changed. We were blessed to have Grandma, Grandpa, and Aunt Sharon come for a surprise visit.  I wasn't getting much sleep and so I wasn't 100%. Wednesday Gabby spent the day with Mommy visiting with Aunt Sharon and Grandma and Grandpa once out of school. On Thursday, we still managed to spend one day with Aunt Sharon and even take her to the airport after Mommy got off of work.  Then we went to Uncle Mark's new apartment and picked up some clothes for him (Gabby is in LOVE and wants to move in immediately).  Then the fun began.  She got to  paint a black cat for Halloween and then got a Gigi's cupcake (eating nothing but the frosting).  Somehow she later convinced me to take her to the farmer's market for perusing, then some cartwheels in a field, and finally …