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This Little Piggy

Okay, I haven't been inspired to write lately.  Not that Gabby doesn't inspire my life every day, but I think she takes all of the energy out of me lately, but I found this amusing so I thought I needed to share it. 

Last night Michael stubbed one of his toes (this is not the amusing part) on the way to bed after turning the light off last night.  I asked him which toe he stubbed and he said, "I don't know, the ring pinky toe." I informed him that he just described two different toes with finger terminology.  So sarcastically he said the metacarpal (something I don't remember).  I laughed and asked him where he heard that and he said he just made it up or it was off of "Bones" or something.  So after our little quips back and forth he grabbed his phone at 11:00 at night and looked up metacarpal (which I was impressed to find out is really something, but it has to do with your hand) and he decided we needed to know what to call each individual toe to…

Aunt Sharon's Visit

Aunt Sharon and her family came to visit her birthday weekend.  We were all very excited for her to come see our new house and have both of our families here together.  Of course, like any time I am excited I became very sick before they got here. We still went to the crawfish* festival and then had all of her friends over that evening for a party.  The kids destroyed my house pulling out every toy Gabby owned at least four or five times during the 5 hours of party.  Every parent took a turn cleaning up the tornado of children.  I kept insisting they just wait until the end, because inevitably the house was turned upside down with toys within 10 minutes of the cleaning.  Needless to say, the children had a wonderful time bouncing in the bounce house and playing with toys.  I think the adults had a wonderful time visiting too. It had been an extremely long time since Aunt Sharon had been to Houston.

I am so happy that Aunt Sharon, Uncle Lee, Emma, and Brody came to visit.  It was a wo…