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Gabby is 2!

Gabby didn't officially have a birthday party as most people would imagine it, but it was a day of celebrating her.  All of her grandparents went with us to the aquarium (thanks to my friend Natalie's suggestion) and we did all of main attractions.  Gabby adores fish, if you recall she begged us to go to Bass Pro Shop three days in a row because they had an aquarium of various bass fish.

Gabby answering how old she is.  In case you didn't know 5 comes after 2 when you are mature for you age.
We started Gabby's Day off by riding the train, which was really neat, there were sharks sleeping above us and the sharks swimming all around us in their aquarium, and finally at the end of the train ride we were scared by a shark popping up at the end of the ride, which we all admittedly jumped, but Gabby didn’t even cry.

 Next we went into the large aquarium which was hundreds of thousands of gallons of water with amazing varieties of fish.  Michael was highly amused that he poin…

Happy St. Gabby's Day

Happy birthday "2" you,
Happy birthday "2" you,
Happy birthday dear Gabby!
Happy birthday "2" you!

We love you baby girl!

At this time 2 years ago you blessed us with your amazing presence.

Gabrielle's LAST Day as a One Year Old

Oh my goodness, really it's been almost two years since I had this precious gem?!  It seems like only yesterday, but then again it seems like a lifetime...well I suppose it has been a lifetime, Gabrielle's! 

I think Gabby had a good finale to her 2nd year of life. Today we packed in a lot of her favorites: we painted, played in the dirt, drew with chalk, went in the swing, ate popcorn (2 bowls), had a short nap, went to do Mommy and Daddy's taxes, picked up her birthday gift, played in her bouncy house (birthday gift), and visited with Grandma and Grandpa McIlroy!! She saw her birthday cake, but not put together yet and so we discussed that tomorrow is her birthday and she will be two.  She kept saying "birthday" but I don't think she has the slightest comprehension of what that means. I can't wait to take her to the aquarium tomorrow and to see her face when she sees her disaster of a cake, which I have no doubt she will love and say "wow-wee!"…

More than 24 hours without my Gabby Fix

I was required to go to San Antonio from a Wednesday night until mid-Saturday.  I honestly didn't think I could survive that long without Gabby. I worried more about leaving Gabby and how she would behave for my mom and Michael than I did about the fact that I was presenting at the conference I was attending.  I am proud to report that Gabby, Michael, Grandma, and I all survived!

I actually learned a lot and my friend Kelli, who I rode with, helped me really have a good time while I was away. She was sweet and patient with my constant conversation about Gabby.  We had fun going to this really cool restaurant that had 2100 vintage plates all over the walls with her grandpa.  We also went to the movies at this really cool place where you could have a drink, gelato, or even sushi while you waited for your movie to start.  It was nice to be me and not mommy me for  a few days and it was nice to come home.  I will not say absence makes the heart grow fonder because I despise that term…

Gabrielle's Travel

Two weeks ago Daddy was out supposed to be out of town for a week and a half.  I had promised Lacey that I would come and visit her and Patrick some time in February and it just so happened that Michael would be working in Shreveport during part of his trip.  Gabby and I packed up when I got of work on Thursday and bravely drove the 4 1/2 hours to Nanny's house with the help of a portable DVD player and my new navigation system.  Maybe you don't know this, but Gabby HATES the car. She despises the car so much that before the 20 minute drive to my parents house is done she is usually crying or pitching some sort of tantrum.  So, needless to say I was very nervous about the drive by myself.  Gabby was an angel on the entire trip. I left at night thinking that she would sleep during the drive, but not with the DVD player on. Instead I had to stop every 90 minutes or so to put on a new "show" for Gabby.  I would allow her to choose the movie and then pop it in.  She did …

17 Weeks

I found this as a draft and thought I would post it, it makes me so happy that Gabby is here and I am not longer pregnant!

Just thought you guys would appreciate seeing a 17 week baby bump. What has my 17th week been like so far? Just the same as always. Here is a day in the life of preggo:

7:30: Go down stairs, make breakfast, vomit, then eat breakfast (I am convinced pregnancy is the only time in life a person is interested in eating only moments after staring the porcelain throne in the face)
8:30: Clean House
9:30: Eat a snack
10:00: Leave to run errands (mainly trying to find clothes that will fit and are work appropriate)
12:00: Lunch with mom
2:00: Shopping
3:30: Work on projects until Mike gets home
4:30: Relax
6:00: Dinner
7:00: Visit with my parents
8:30: Walk a mile
11:00: Bedtime!

As you can see, food is involved frequently in this pregnant girl's life. Being pregnant is definitely an adventure. I just can't wait to no longer have morning sickness, but I am not…

Round and Round

For about a month Gabby and I would take a friend's daughter to school (Jade).  I think Friday mornings were Gabby's favorite during this month because she would get to see at least 5 buses during the 5 minute drive to Jade's school.  Gabby points and squeals, "round and round" every time we pass a bus.  Once the bus is passing her window of the car she says, "bye-bye" and then signs "more."  It is adorable and really reminds you that it's the little things in life that should excite you.  The little thing in my life excites me and makes my day every day....Gabby!  So the drive to and from Jade's school in the morning was a special treat that Gabby and I would express excitement each time we saw a "round and round".

However, I haven't been taking Jade to school in about a month and even when Gabby is not in the car and I see a bus I catch myself becoming excited and looking for Gabby. Is that normal?  Maybe not, but who c…